How to Motivate Children to Stay Active

There's no denying that an active lifestyle is important when it comes to preventing obesity and illness in the future. With that in mind, we'll tell you how to motivate children to stay active.
How to Motivate Children to Stay Active

Last update: 05 August, 2020

If you’re worried that your child isn’t getting enough exercise, then it’s time for them to start moving. To motivate your children to stay active and in good shape, we want to offer you some advice. Sports mean health, and it’s normal for parents to worry about the health of their children.

Motivate your children to stay active

Obesity isn’t just a problem for adults. In fact, more and more children and teens in the world are overweight. There are many young people that suffer from weight problems, and obesity is an increasing problem among adolescents. With the issue of obesity reaching epidemic levels, parents should take the statistics as a serious warning.

In fact, children and teens that are overweight have a 70% chance of becoming overweight adults. Therefore, it’s important to take measures to revert the crisis and guarantee that our teenagers can enjoy healthy and productive lives.

Adolescents that are overweight run the risk of developing a number of health problems. For example, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Add onto this the emotional effects, such as social discrimination, low self-esteem, and depression. All of the sudden, weight becomes a problem that can cause lasting damage to a teen’s wellbeing. So, what can you do to motivate children to stay active?

How to Motivate Children to Stay Active

Help children find an activity that they like and that keeps them active

Teen behavior plays an important role when it comes to the motivation they feel regarding staying active and eating healthy. And these are two essential factors when it comes to avoiding obesity. It’s crucial that parents educate their children about nutrition, physical activity, and the dangers of a sedentary life from a young age.

Study up on the issue and prepare yourself for any questions your children may have. Keep in mind the illnesses and health problems that being overweight can lead to. And don’t be afraid to expose the facts so that they can understand the seriousness of the situation.

While factors like a child’s physical characteristics and your family’s financial situation can be difficult to change, environment is a factor that parents can control.

Try to involve your children in activities that they enjoy. Not every child is made to be a star basketball player, so forcing your child to play a specific sport isn’t a good idea and won’t motivate him or her.

Motivate your children to stay active and respect their interests

At the same time, get in touch with your children’s interestsIf they like martial arts, then sign them up for weekly classes. Or, they’re interested in playing tennis, then find them a tennis instructor. Perhaps your financial situation doesn’t allow for paid lessons, but you can look into local classes in your city or town. For example, community centers often offer free or reduced-prices lessons or classes.

How to Motivate Children to Stay Active

Making physical activity a family matter is another cheap and easy way to help children stay active. And, at the same time, it helps you develop a stronger relationship with them. Try to make a weekly family activity part of your normal routine, and it will quickly become a beloved family tradition.

Once a week, gather your family together for some sort of fun exercise like hiking, biking, or some other activity you all enjoy. Not only will it be beneficial for everyone’s health, but you’ll also spend plenty of quality time together!

Children want to stand out

Children and teens want to stand out and feel useful, so success can be a powerful motivator. If you have a teenager, then a part-time job may help them stay active and feel useful at the same time. However, remember that adolescents may need to try several different things before finding a job or sport that they enjoy and do well in.

Don’t become frustrated if your children change their minds several times. A solid relationship and good communication with your children will help you both find the activities that are right for them. And, at the same time, it will help make your parent-child relationships stronger than ever.

What’s more, you can’t lose sight of the importance of setting a good example for your children to follow. Your children need to learn from you!


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