Exercise Apps for Kids to Use at Home

Apps and computerized devices often carry negative stigma when it comes to their use by children. However, they can also be beneficial. Discover these exercise apps for kids to use at home.
Exercise Apps for Kids to Use at Home

Last update: 12 July, 2021

As a parent, you may be overwhelmed by the boom in technology in recent years. During this time, more entertainment-type gadgets have appeared that are a real challenge for children–and their parents. Too much technology decreases the time for physical activity. But you should look for ways to get your child to exercise. So, we want to tell you about our favorite exercise apps for kids to use at home.

It’s usually advisable for children to regularly enjoy outdoor physical activity. However, the comfort of home, coupled with technology, can offer a good alternative for you and your child.

This doesn’t mean that you should always do activities indoors with your child. However, you can take advantage of the tools that technology offers. In addition, your home can provide a safe environment for your child while using a computer or mobile device.

Exercise apps for kids: apps for exercising at home

Technological tools have programs and applications that can be very useful in a great variety of ways. First of all, you shouldn’t close yourself off to the idea of technology, thinking that it’s always harmful or that it hinders your parenting process.

Your primary objective as a parent is that you rely on these tools to raise your children. Exercising at home using these apps can help you a lot. In fact, it can even be a different way to teach them. Therefore, we’ll show you some exercise apps for kids to use at home.

A mother and her young child doing toe touches as they follow an exercise routine on the computer.

Sworkit Kids

This application is aimed at children between five and 14 years old, approximately. It’s based on a series of videos in which other children lead the activities and you try to emulate them.

Through these videos, Sworkit Kids test children’s motor skills during five-minute sessions. They even stimulate their imagination by putting them in adventurous environments.

Exercise apps for kids: Yoga for Kids

Yoga’s one of the most recommended activities for children of all ages thanks to its benefits. However, it’s best that you have professional advice and guidance, especially to carry it out with your child.

That being said, Yoga for Kids can offer you an extra hand. It’s an application available on mobile devices recommended for children over four years of age, approximately.

It’s composed of fairly complete content; its structure focuses on asanas, mantras, music, and animal postures. Such content is playful for little ones and makes it a good option for exercising at home.

Revolution, another of our favorite exercise apps for kids to use at home

This is one of the most complete apps that exist for children to exercise at home. In addition, it was designed by professionals from different areas that have to do with child development (pediatricians, specialists, and trainers).

Revolution has two main components: the first is motor or physical development aspect and the second is cognitive. In the physical development component, the system has a series of points that increase according to the exercise performed. In this way, greater importance is given to the motor skills of each child.

Regarding the cognitive component, questions are the main ingredient. The idea is to stimulate children’s minds through questions related to physical activity and trivia in which they can inquire about the sport that most attracts their attention.

A mother and daughter stretching over exercise balls.

Technology and exercise at home

As mentioned at the beginning, technology shouldn’t be seen in a bad light. As parents, you shouldn’t prohibit the use of technological elements; on the contrary, it’s advisable to use them as educational aids.

One way or another, you must adapt to what’s happening around you. If you don’t, your child will be way ahead of you and you’ll probably lose the opportunity to form a bond. It’s not about being a genius on the subject, but approaching it with some know-how will offer you advantages.

One example is exercising at home using technology tools, which your child will enjoy and can also give you a hand if you have limited time to go to the park. Find a balance in the use of technology, set rules, and limit its use time, but don’t prohibit it.

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