10 Tricks to Conceal Tired Skin

Good rest and a varied and complete diet, together with proper hydration, are keys to concealing tired skin. Learn more!
10 Tricks to Conceal Tired Skin
Maria del Carmen Hernandez

Written and verified by the dermatologist Maria del Carmen Hernandez.

Last update: 24 February, 2023

To conceal tired skin, you can resort to different at-home aesthetic procedures that help you look more revitalized and refreshed. Although they don’t usually offer complete changes, they help to reduce the dull and exhausted look during the day or after a poor night’s rest. Here are a few tricks to help you do just that. Take note!

1. Cleansing the complexion

Gel or stick cleansers are ideal for oily skin, while those in lotion or cream form are best for normal or dry skin. It’s best to cleanse your skin at least twice a day, at the beginning of your activities and before going to bed. This way, dead cells, dirt, or makeup are removed.

2. Facial masks

Facial masks work by occluding the skin and allowing the product to interact with the skin’s surface more easily and for longer. Ideally, choose those with basic ingredients, without fragrances or irritants, that provide quick effects for redness, oily skin, dryness, or inflammation.

3. Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation, by physical or chemical means, removes excess dead cell buildup, which in turn stimulates cell renewal. This results in smooth, polished, and translucent skin. Topical cleansing scrubs contain a variety of abrasive solid particles, mechanical facial brushes, or micro-exfoliating rollers.

A woman putting lotion on her face.
Exfoliation is key to removing dead skin cells and renewing the skin layer. It can be done naturally or with the use of specific products.

4. Decongestive massages

Decongestive massages on the face are aesthetic practices that are performed with the help of a product that mitigates congestion and produces calm. It’s a treatment that produces the activation of peripheral circulation. Therefore, it contributes to making the face look fresher and more hydrated.

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5. Decongestive masks

Tired skin can be a reflection of an exhausted look with swollen eyelids. For this, there are masks on the market filled with gel bubbles that contribute to the decongestive processes, bags, eyes, and dark circles. These are often ideal for those tired eyes, headaches, or tension. They can even be chilled in the refrigerator for a quick cooling effect.

6. Moisturizing

Moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, urea, and allantoin draw water into the stratum corneum from the environment. In addition, natural moisturizing factors, lipid complexes, and ceramides act to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Thus, moisturization is one of the main components of any skincare routine. In turn, the application of creams or gels is recommended on a constant basis.

7. Sunscreen with color

The proper use of sunscreen can help with the depigmentation of certain spots on the face. Nowadays, there are sunscreens with different shades and textures that generate an effect of uniformity and luminosity on the skin.

A woman putting sunscreen on her face before going out.
Sunscreen should always be the obligatory final step of any skincare routine at home. It generates a brightening effect.

8. Eye contour

The eye contour is one of the areas of the face most prone to show signs of fatigue or aging. For this reason, special creams contribute to a more luminous and rested look when applied consistently in the morning and evening. There are different functions of products intended for these areas: Treating wrinkles, reducing inflammation, illuminating, and stimulating circulation around the eyes.

9. Lip balm

Dry and dehydrated lips are just as important as facial skin conditions. In fact, they require quite a bit of care and attention to avoid cracks and erosions. Lip balms help to keep lips moisturized, softer, and less blemished.

Ideally, lip balms should also contain ingredients such as shea butter or rosehip oil, given their nourishing and regenerating action. In addition, mineral oils that generate an occlusive barrier should be avoided.

10. Good rest

The loss of moments of rest in everyday life, often linked to stress and other health problems, can exacerbate the negative effects on the appearance of the person. In fact, it’s at night that the skin carries out its cellular turnover and obtains the oxygenation necessary to do so. For this reason, it’s important to get the necessary 8 hours of sleep each night.

Maintain a daily routine to prevent tired skin

Protection, prevention, cleansing, and moisturizing are the key components of skin care. Ideally, you should maintain these basic skincare steps to avoid having to deal with transient tricks to disguise tired skin. In addition, good rest and a varied and complete diet, along with proper hydration also contribute to a more luminous and relaxed appearance.

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