10 Keys to Prevent Premature Wrinkles

Preventing premature wrinkles can be easy if we know what causes them. Here are some keys to avoiding them.
10 Keys to Prevent Premature Wrinkles

Last update: 17 June, 2022

Preventing premature wrinkles is often one of the most frequent consultations in cosmetic dermatology. Although they’re the inevitable consequence of skin aging, the causes of their appearance are varied.

With the passage of time, the layers of the skin are modified. Some essential components, such as elastin and collagen, diminish day by day, causing the skin to lose much of its elasticity, firmness, and usual structure. How can premature wrinkles be prevented? In the following article, we’ll tell you.

You can prevent premature wrinkles with these simple keys

Wrinkles are inevitable signs of the passage of time and therefore, preventive measures only serve to delay their appearance. However, according to the publication of the American Academy of Dermatology Association , basic dermal care is recommended for all ages. Put them into practice!

1. Sun protection against exposure to the sun’s rays

The most important cause of skin aging is the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. For this reason, it’s advisable to apply sunscreen with SPF greater than or equal to 50, even on cloudy days. Also, in those cases where exposure is prolonged, it’s important to reapply the product every two hours.

2. Sufficient water intake every day

Drinking at least two liters of water a day is vital for the body to stay hydrated and for the skin to look smooth and radiant. In addition, the body requires adequate levels of hydration for all its functions to run perfectly.

A woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat while looking out on a lake.
Glasses and wide-brimmed hats are the perfect complements to enhance the effects of sunscreens. Take care of your skin from UV rays to prevent premature wrinkles!

3. Sun protection complements

Other important sun protection complements are wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses with UV filters. The habit of using them is key, as tanning can hurt your skin. In fact, some studies in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology describe that exposure to ultraviolet rays would be the cause of 80% of the signs of aging and premature wrinkles on the face.

4. Daily skin cleansing

When the skin’s dirty during the nightly rest periods, its oxygenation and regeneration are impeded. In addition, the pores take on a more dilated and unhygienic appearance.

This is why it’s recommended to incorporate the habit of removing makeup and cleaning the skin of the face every night as a strategy to prevent premature wrinkles.

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5. Use the right products

The products used in skincare routines must be dermocosmetic and be tested and endorsed by qualified professionals. In addition, the way they’re used and their quality shouldn’t be neglected.

Opting for inappropriate products for the type of skin or the age of the person can cause unwanted reactions and subsequent inflammatory conditions.

6. Incorporation of hyaluronic acid

The amount of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease in concentration after the age of 4o. This can cause the skin to lose its characteristic turgor and elasticity and even look dehydrated and wrinkled.

Moisturizing creams in the skincare routine trap water in the skin and give it a more youthful and radiant appearance.

7. Low alcohol and tobacco consumption

Both habits, besides being quite harmful to the body, are also harmful to the skin. Cigarettes contain toxins that affect the lungs, the heart, and the oxygenation process of the skin cells.

In fact, a study conducted by the International Journal of Dermatology determined that those who smoke are more likely to suffer from skin cancer and have greater signs of premature aging than those who don’t smoke.

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8. Physical exercise

In addition to helping to reduce daily stress, physical activity secretes endorphins and helps to delay skin aging. The contraction of muscle fibers releases myokines, substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Moderate physical activity also stimulates the immune system and improves blood circulation.

9. Appropriate positions to rest

It’s proven that sleeping face down generates more wrinkles on the face than other positions. This is due to the pressure of the face on the pillow and the twisting of the sheets and pillowcases.

Even if you have the habit of sleeping on your side or with your arms crossed, you’ll have wrinkles in the form of a fan in the region of the neckline.

A woman sleeping in bed.
Your sleeping position is also key. Although it may not seem so, it can predispose you to the appearance of wrinkles on the face and cleavage area.

10. Avoid some facial expressions

When making facial expressions, the muscles of the face contract repeatedly and this can generate wrinkles that are marked on the skin.

The use of sunglasses, as mentioned above, can help reduce the lines caused by squinting due to the discomfort of the sun.

The importance of prevention

Although nowadays there are several therapeutic options for wrinkles, it’s advisable to postpone their appearance and prevent them.

Being constant with daily cleansing and moisturizing helps you to have young and wrinkle-free skin for much longer. At the same time, it’s ideal to complement it with optimal rest, adequate sun protection, and a good diet.

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