Recovering Your Figure at Home After Pregnancy

Recovering Your Figure at Home After Pregnancy

Last update: 16 November, 2017

Cheer up, leave behind your prejudices, stand in front of the mirror and review what you want to improve, because here are some tips on recovering your figure at home.

One of the many indisputable truths of this world is that every human being is a “work in process.” No matter how old you are or how many extra pounds you’ve gained, you can always improve both your physical appearance and the way you behave or react to different situations.

There are two things to know about recovering your figure at home after pregnancy. The first is that yes, you can heal the damage that pregnancy leaves in your body from the privacy of your own home. Second, reaching your ideal figure is not thanks to a miracle recipe.

You know the magic pills that promise to make you thinner without lifting a finger do not work. There is nothing more to do than accept you have to put in hard work. In this case, that means you have to sweat to lose weight.

So with these clear points, arm yourself with your best tools, because recovering your figure only requires determination, perseverance, good nutrition and a good exercise routine.

The first eight months after giving birth will be the hardest, especially because your body’s organs are not yet back in place and your hormones have not yet found their ideal balance.

In addition, your metabolism is slower and you’re certain to feel super tired. However, all of that is not a reason to give up, but it helps you to understand yourself and to start recovering your figure little by little.

Most likely, some areas of your body are flaccid and you have gained a bit of weight. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us and is natural. Remember that your skin stretched to house that beautiful baby that now makes you feel like one of the luckiest women in this world.

These problems have a solution, and everything you see “out of place” will return to its proper place with time, perseverance and good habits.

Before starting, it is very important to understand that recovering your figure is not a race, so it is very good to begin an exercise routine calmly. Patience and perseverance will be your maxims, because over time you will see that the more physical activity you do, the more energetic you will feel. The result is incredible and it does not matter how tired you are.

recovering your figure after pregnancy

Recovering your figure by walking

The first thing you should do to start your routine is to ask your doctor if exercise is recommended for you. In theory, any woman who had a natural childbirth can begin her physical exercise routine after initial rest, and those who had a cesarean can begin about 12 weeks after the operation.

During the rest period, you must give your body time to recover from a birth or cesarean, but you should start to eat well and drink plenty of water or fluids. In that period, try to move around the house and not be sitting on the couch all the time. A sedentary lifestyle is your main saboteur. Each step counts.

When you have finished your rest period, start walking. In fact, it’s the best exercise you can do. Try to do it outside, such as in your backyard, because breathing fresh air will make both you and your baby feel better. Start little by little but with energy. You must walk at a good pace. It’s not about the walking, but about making it challenging. You need to sweat!

recovering your figure after pregnancy

Online tutorials can be your best allies

Once your general practitioner authorizes you to do various exercises, including weight lifting, do them! At home you can improvize with milk jugs or containers that you can fill with water.

Weight lifting will increase your metabolism and help put everything in its place again, while the cardiovascular exercise you do through walking will take care of fat, with the help of a good diet. Make an effort to lift weights, because exercising with them will boost fat loss and strengthen muscles.

There is another wonderful exercise: the plank. It is highly recommended for flattening your abdomen, and you can even do easier modified versions on your knees. You can do side and front planks, and you can find several tutorials on YouTube to find out how to do them. It is very important that you don’t do any other type of crunches until you are six months postpartum.

The best exercise routine that exists is the one that you put together yourself, because then it will be adapted to your tastes and needs. You can achieve a lot by walking, lifting weights and doing sit-ups at least three times a week.

Little by little, you’ll see that you get into the rhythm of your exercise routine and that the more you train, the more energy you will have to improve your figure and face all the activities that your daily life entails.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.