How Technology Helps During Quarantine

Learn about some of the main ways that technology helps during quarantine, from providing entertainment to online education.
How Technology Helps During Quarantine

Last update: 27 May, 2020

The use and abuse of technology have been a cause for concern. Different scientific societies have made their voices heard in this regard, encouraging a reduced use of screens, particularly during childhood and adolescence. Today, there’s a different approach, as people are now asking themselves how technology helps during quarantine.

How technology helps during quarantine

Remote work and children’s entertainment

The activities that people can do remotely benefit from the use of different technologies. Although this modality isn’t exclusive to the pandemic, currently, there’s been a notable increase.

A boy using a laptop.

At the same time, the use of game consoles and video games is part of the daily life of many families. However, it’s possible that the quarantine has increased their use even more.

Online education to support face-to-face education is a way technology helps during quarantine

Although various initiatives combine face-to-face education with virtual education, in general, child schooling is focused on face-to-face interaction, as it’s essential as a socialization environment.

However, during exceptional situations such as pandemics, online education is one of the ways that technology helps during quarantine. Although there are peculiarities regarding access, we should note that, in general, many institutions provide their students tablets.

Organize routines

Experts have stated the importance of preserving certain routines during this time. And this goes for children, adolescents, and adults alike. Fixed schedules that seemed to be unimportant have become relevant. Family reunions through digital platforms specially enabled for this purpose are resources to consider.

Is it necessary to explain to children that this is an exceptional situation?

Although there are certain technology-related problems, it’s important to share with children that we understand the impatience this situation causes and that you’ll be somewhat more permissive regarding their use of screens during this time.

This can be beneficial because it allows them to see, albeit indirectly, that life will eventually go back to normal.

A family on a video call.

Information to consider

  • Quarantine in families poses new challenges. For example, the agreements separated parents have to make.
  • The presence of one or both parents, beyond the feeling of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, is a unique moment and a source of opportunities.
  • Relegating technology is a good idea that can even cause relief.

So how does technology help during quarantine?

The Spanish Pediatric Association, like other scientific societies, such as the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, encourages the rational use of technology and highlights its importance when it comes to evaluating whether or not to conduct a face-to-face appointment.

In this sense, and although it isn’t only in this difficult time, technology in quarantine can be the source of numerous opportunities that people should explore.

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