A Mother's Love is Her Driving Force

A Mother's Love is Her Driving Force

Last update: 05 February, 2018

Today’s article is about the power of a mother’s love, which keeps you moving forward and changes you forever.

When you become a mother, you discover hidden details. Undertaking this new mission often means finding out that your vision of motherhood was somewhat idealized.

Even so, with your baby in your arms, you will see – with unexpected clarity – that there is no greater driving force in life than your child. A mother’s love is what pushes her to live.

Maternal love keeps you moving forward

As we sometimes see in news stories that touch the hearts of millions, a mother’s love can move mountains. It is the force behind the most unexpected miracles.

It doesn’t matter how tired you are, or how difficult the situation facing you is. Sleepless nights, mess, broken belongings and unfinished chores fade into insignificance.

So too do those plans that never quite happened. You have set yourself new priorities, and the horizons of your life have changed.

When maternal love moves you, you are capable of drawing on forces you never knew you even had within you.

You feed your patience daily, and water the seeds of hope until they blossom. With the devotion you feel for your child, nothing matters but the future.

Motherhood reshapes you, bathing your features in a new glow of unconditional love. It turns you, a new mother, into a protector and carer.

You become a shining beacon who brings light into your family and warmth to your home.

A mother’s love doesn’t just shape the personality and self-esteem of her child. It also gives them security and independence for the future.

You share your knowledge and wisdom with them. You help them to strengthen their wings so that, whenever the day comes, they will be able to fly as high as possible.

A Mother's Love is Her Driving Force

A mother’s love offers the sweetest reward

Perhaps when you were a little girl, you wanted to be a mom. You played house, and in your games everything was rosy. Now, however, life has put you face to face with what you always longed for.

You start to appreciate the effort, dedication and sacrifice that your mother put into raising you, even if you criticized her at the time.

This is your chance to understand first-hand how tiredness, and its companion, irritability, can wear you down and beat you in a relentless struggle over the years to come.

You will understand how, among the “I love you, my sunshine”, a sneaky “stop that, I’ve had it with you” can slip in.

When you feel yourself saying those terrible words, you may feel your world start to collapse. You feel like an awful mother.

The frustration turns into tears of distress, which you cry alone. But then your child somehow manages to find you and soothe your pain. Their smiles don’t know how to hold grudges.

Don’t worry if motherly love doesn’t always show its sweet side, and your temper sometimes rears its head. Your child will accept you, even when you are grumpy or bossy.

Their gratitude and love towards you is also unconditional, unmeasurable and absolutely pure.

A Mother's Love is Her Driving Force

Don’t feel guilty. Hug your child, look them in the eyes and say sorry. Return their smile, give them a little of your time.

Sing them their favorite song, play with that old toy that you thought they had grown out of. Dance along with them, following their hesitant steps.

A mother’s love is life and future

Being a mother is truly a gift; the most wonderful gift that life can offer us. Undoubtedly, it can also get complicated at times.

However, this unpaid job holds the greatest reward of all for your heart and soul: those little comforting details of day-to-day life.

It is precisely these everyday experiences, marked by a unique and special connection that is inexplicable and sometimes impossible to understand, which strengthen a mother’s love.

It is a constant process of learning, in which the sour taste of life’s little problems and setbacks is offset by the sweetness of cuddles and games.

A mother’s love is an unstoppable force, the most intense and ferocious, sincere and generous of all. And it is forged by these experiences that mark each of our days as a mother.

This is the reason why becoming a mother means being shocked at our true ability to love blindly.

It means finding meaning every day in that little being who pushes us to keep on overcoming life’s difficulties, however large or small these may be.


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