Why We Should Honor Our Mothers Each Day of Our Lives

Why We Should Honor Our Mothers Each Day of Our Lives
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Mothers are the most whole and noble beings in the world. There are plenty of reasons we should be grateful to these brave and selfless women. Similarly, there are plenty of reasons we should honor our mothers each day of our lives.

This article from You Are Mom is a humble tribute to all of the women who have brought life into this world, who possess a unique and priceless love. These human beings have been shaped by patience and sacrifice. They know better than anybody how to give everything and ask for nothing in return.

Reasons to Honor Our Mothers

honor our mothers

Physiologically they were born perfect, because their wombs have the ability to foster life and their breasts give nourishment to their children. Every mother’s shoulder does not only provide comfort, but also carries a social burden, which is plagued with prejudices and standards that still hurt us today.

We should honor our mothers for dealing with things that the opposite sex does not understand, such as menstrual cramps, intense pain caused by contractions, and childbirth. In spite of their abilities constantly being questioned, they put sweat, blood and tears into going after what they want.

Moms all over the world say with silence what their actual words try to conceal. Honor mothers who proudly display their maternal wounds, because they know that pain can change lives, by materializing fruit out of love.

Their war trophies are tattooed across their skin in the form of scars and stretch marks. Honor mothers for the sleepless nights they spend, which are proportional to the love that they feel for their children. Their patience is also equal to this, which is why it is infinite and eternal.

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Thanks to the love and patience that they carry within their being, they have the ability to carry so much on their shoulders. Tears, colic, the flu, diaper rash, weaning. And, what about the terror of those first few tumbles of learning to walk, or the battles of weaning a child off of breastmilk.

Many More Reasons to Honor Mothers

They are multitaskers par excellence. They deal with their work outside of the home, meals, order and cleanliness in the home, children, and heaps of laundry. They survive back pain from picking up children and toys spread across the floor, but there are even greater pains than these.

For these role models, children are the biggest source of joy. However, they also share their children’s pain. They suffer vicariously from their child’s falls. Pricks, blows, and childhood disappointments all strike a chord with moms.

Just like saying goodbye does. There is no farewell more painful for a woman than one that she says to her own child. Each goodbye is an agony, but it is worth it, because once you return from work or school, you reunite with this being that is your weakness, and also gives you all the strength you need to keep going day after day.

This is how they understand that for as much as they may question motherhood, it is all worth it. Life and all of the joy that comes with it is worth it. Without a doubt, all of this work and dedication has the sweetest reward. It is repaid with the sweetest kisses, the cutest faces and the most heartwarming hugs.

This earthquake only a few centimeters long purifies the soul. These little suns will pay back double their mother’s efforts. They are the best compensation that you could ask for. Their magic is in the beauty and simplicity of the little things.

we should honor our mothers

Honor Mothers Every Day

It’s totally justified to honor mothers every day. We have to, because without them we would not be here talking about how great they are. We would not be who we are if it were not for their legacy. They have the gift of carefully examining everything happening around them.

Possessing a unique sensitivity, in their hands they hold one of the highest blessings: that of being present for and making possible the miracle of life, and becoming a path and a role model for the life of another person. This is why today we have decided, once again, to honor mothers as they deserve. Thank you for everything, Moms!

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