My Dad Is Also Very Important to My Upbringing

My Dad Is Also Very Important to My Upbringing
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

My dad is so important to my upbringing. This childhood hero guides me throughout my life and becomes a role model – in addition to my beloved mother – for me to follow as I grow up.

My dad is synonymous with fun, strength and sweetness. He is that robust man who started out holding me despite being afraid of hurting me, seeing me so small, helpless and fragile. However, he is a person who reinvented himself to carry me with extreme care and who today still holds the key to my heart.

My dad is happiness at full power

My father has a pair of sturdy arms willing to give the most healing and comforting hugs, either to try to shape me as a person who expresses deep love and to make me feel loved, or to comfort me when I feel destroyed by an obstacle in life.

My dad has always acted as a compass in my life. Whenever I am confused, I turn to him for his wise advice in the form of the most accurate and pertinent words. He is a guardian and guides the way.

my dad is my hero cartoon

He is that word or show of pure love, which comes in those moments when I need it most. He represents how I want to feel loved, cared for, valued and respected by a partner in the future, or even, with his displays of affection, how to treat a woman and make her fall in love every day.

My dad is stronger and braver than a Roman gladiator, showing himself as strong as an oak in troubling times. He offers words and caresses that heal.

This is a warrior who taught me, along with his love of life, to embrace life with tenacity and to make an effort for those we love. He puts himself in second place, setting the family as a priority, his pride and joy.

My dad is known for going out of his way to make me happy, appealing to the smallest and most insignificant ways to color my happy and innocent world. And that’s why I’ll always be grateful to both mom and dad for tending to my every need.

For all this and even more, I will always maintain that this charming person full of magic is loaded with pure and unconditional love that can be demonstrated in the sweetest gestures, looks or smiles that transcend the mere beauty of words.

My dad has the gift of teaching me to play

This anonymous hero who wakes up at impossible hours, comes home tired after a grueling work day and still spends a good amount of time hanging out with me. He asks me how my day was, what I learned in school or even plays a game with me.

That’s why dad is not only fun, but has the gift of teaching me to play. It is more entertaining to learn colors, numbers and letters by singing or through some playful activity that only he is able to devise.

My dad is the best goalkeeper. He is my best war horse at the park. He is the shark that terrifies me the most and makes us laugh when we play in the water, and a great pal on those nights when I’m afraid ghosts will appear.

For all these reasons and many more, my father is also fundamental in my upbringing. Let him have his rightful place in spite of any circumstance, since having a child takes two. My love will always be eternal and unconditional for both my parents.

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