Discover the Japanese Method Against Laziness

Discover the Japanese Method Against Laziness

Last update: 29 June, 2018

Is laziness taking more control of your day than you would like it to? In this article you’ll discover a Japanese method that will help you fight against laziness.

It’s clear that lack of motivation is one of the biggest obstacles that we can face while trying to reach our goals. Overcoming laziness can make our lives improve remarkably. It will also have a positive effect on our children.

Overcoming laziness requires willpower. Therefore, in this article we’ll teach you how to obtain the energy you need to carry out your day’s work. You can also put these tips into practice with your children and the rest of the family.

Kaizen, the Japanese method against laziness

The Japanese method against laziness is also known as the Kaizen method. Through this method, people are invited to form habits of doing a certain task every day at exactly the same time.

It’s all about adopting tasks that take us a short time to fulfill. These are tasks that, at first, we won’t be lazy to carry out. Thus, through the slow and steady accumulation of tasks, by the end of the process we’ll be able to carry out all of the tasks set out for the day.

This method is based on arriving at your goal through small steps. This way you’ll be able to overcome laziness little by little. The key is to adopt the habit of carrying out certain tasks every day at the same assigned time.

If you manage to do these little things every day, there will come a point where you’ll do the tasks without thinking about them. Don’t worry, you won’t have to dedicate too much time to the kaizen method.

Discover the Japanese Method Against Laziness

The Japanese method against laziness doesn’t take a lot of time

The method is simple. It consists of performing certain tasks every day for one minute. This way your brain will understand that tasks that, in general, require several minutes, can be executed in a matter of seconds.

The principle of this method is based on the fact that with small steps anyone can reach results that are apparently very difficult.

Once you see that you’re capable of overcoming your laziness and dedicating a few minutes to effortless tasks, you can begin to gradually increase the time that you dedicate to those tasks.

Reading a chapter of a book or doing half an hour of exercise are just a few things that we can do that can have a positive impact on our lives.

Remember, one minute is a short amount of time, laziness won’t be an impediment to take advantage of it.

As is logical, this method will help you, but it will also help your family. This way, you’ll be a lot more productive which will result in a happier life.

How the Kaizen method came about

The founder of the Kaizen method is Masaaki Imai. He himself says that if you follow this method, you’ll be able to improve many aspects of your life. This applies to the work place and at home.

Its secret lies in its simplicity and the low demand it requires. It doesn’t demand a lot of energy to fulfill its goals, so you won’t feel pressured.

Therefore, it will be easier to overcome laziness and to put aside negative thoughts that make us want to postpone tasks from one day to another.

Discover the Japanese Method Against Laziness

Although we’ve always been taught that great results require great effort, this isn’t always the case. In some cases even with a lot of effort, good results don’t come to fruition.

If something that doesn’t motivate us requires a lot of energy, we’ll end up abandoning it. This will lead to discouragement and a sense of failure.

That’s why it’s best to start little by little. Willpower is gained over time and so is strength. In addition, the Kaizen method is all about forming habits that are applicable to other aspects of our lives.

A long journey begins with the first step, there is nothing wrong with that first step being short. The most important thing is to always take a step and to try to walk every day.

Masaaki Imai

So now you know. In order to achieve better productivity, you’ll need to select a goal and apply the one-minute rule. You’ll see the results quicker than you expect.

Your laziness will disappear. You can teach this method to your children as well. You’ll see that it will all be worth it.

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