7 Emotions You Understand When You Become a Mother

There are many emotions, but some of them can only be understood when you become a mother, so don't miss the details!
7 Emotions You Understand When You Become a Mother

Last update: 27 May, 2022

When you become a mother, something changes in your heart, and your whole life is transformed forever. The feelings vary, but they’re also understood in different ways. Sometimes they’re contradictory and overwhelming, but that’s also a normal part of the process. You’re not alone in this and so today, we’re going to talk to you about some emotions that are only understood when you become a mother.

A mother’s love is the greatest of all

You may have ever heard that there’s no greater love than a mother’s love, which is absolutely true. It doesn’t mean that those women who don’t have children can’t experience this beautiful feeling with others, but a mother’s love is something indescribably special.

When a mother loves her children, she can’t imagine feeling a greater and deeper love than that. In fact, more than one would give her own life to ensure the well-being of her little ones.

Such intense love is known when you become a mother, and it’s fundamental for children to receive it, as it has a positive impact on their growth and integral development. Many children who lack this affection don’t learn to manage their negative emotions and this ends up causing serious problems in their emotional health.

A mother feeling overwhelmed while caring for her small baby.
Emotions exist, whether positive or negative. Denying them doesn’t help us to manage them better and, on the contrary, they end up affecting us even more.

Emotions that invade you unexpectedly when you become a mother

Mothers want the best for their children and they’ll be their priority throughout their lives. However, this will sometimes make you feel strong and often contradictory emotions. These feelings don’t have to arouse rejection or shame because they’re authentic and as valid as any other. You just have to know them, understand them, and work on them.

If you’re a mother who loves her children above all else, you probably understand some of the following emotions perfectly.

1. Fear

When you become a mother, you feel fear very often, and sometimes, it seems that this unpleasant feeling is attached to your skin. When you’re pregnant, you already start to experience it, for example, when you go for check-ups or have an ultrasound. You cross your fingers to see that your baby’s well and developing normally.

Unfortunately, fear will accompany you throughout your life as a mother, at every stage of your children’s lives. But learn to master it because intense and permanent discomfort will prevent you from enjoying the wonderful things about motherhood.

2. Infinite love

Infinite love is that indescribable sensation you feel every time you look at your children. It’s supreme, unconditional, and eternal. Sometimes, it happens at first sight, just like in the movies. But other times, it takes longer to arrive. No matter how long it takes, when you finally experience it, you’ll understand why it’s the purest feeling that can exist.

3. Happiness

Happiness is a feeling that isn’t achieved but felt every day when you know how to enjoy the small gifts of life.

If you’re able to delight in the mere fact of having the presence of your children, then you’ll know true happiness.

4. Guilt

Motherhood isn’t all rosy, and feelings of guilt are more common than you think. All mothers feel guilty at some point and sometimes, guilt walks beside us more than we’d like.

We want to achieve everything and make it perfect, but this only loads us with mental pressures that lead us to discomfort and frustration. We must change this outlook because every day brings a new lesson and is worth being experienced and enjoyed without stress.

5. Empathy

Empathy is fundamental to being a good mother and sometimes we have to learn to put ourselves in another person’s place. We even need to implement it more often! Only with empathy will we be able to understand the emotions, feelings, and everything that happens to our children without them telling us with words.

The maternal instinct is crucial, but empathy must be present in order to teach children to manage their emotions in the best way possible.

A mother and son sitting on the floor talking and holding hands.
Empathy is a virtue that’s transmitted to children in small situations of everyday life. Set an example and you’ll see the results.

6. Strength

If you’re a mother who fights for her children, you’re a strong woman. You have strength within you and that’s undeniable. When you’re a mother, you feel that power you didn’t know you had. You’ll be able to handle the tantrums of an infant, the challenges of adolescence, and everything life throws at you.

7. Gratitude

Life is to be enjoyed and experienced with gratitude. Besides, with your children around you, you have plenty of reasons to be grateful.

Keep in mind that your children see in you the greatest reference, so if you want them to be grateful in life, you must first set the right example.

Get ready to experience something completely different

As you can see, there are many emotions you experience when you become a mother. Some are contradictory, others generate well-being, but each and every one of them is important in order to carry out good motherhood. Of course, you need to recognize them, accept them, and work on them in time so that they don’t affect your quality of life or that of your family.

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