How to Make Your Son a True Gentleman

How to Make Your Son a True Gentleman

Last update: 06 February, 2018

Teaching our son how to be a true gentleman doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Encouraging them to be a gentleman will help them with all the relationships they experience in life.

At its most basic, being a gentleman means treating women with special courtesy and respect. 

The model of being a gentleman for little ones will always come from their father and their grandfathers.

The way that the men around them treat the women in their lives is essential in the learning process.

Children tend to imitate the behavior of their father figures. It is natural for little boys to copy everything their father does, from walking, talking, likes, and even gestures.

Their father is their example and role model. That’s why it’s not uncommon to find several generations of grandparents, fathers, and sons working in the same profession or having a certain inclination.

The expression “I want to be like my dad!” is common among little boys.

Our actions are always the best example for our sons. They will always remember certain situations and experiences when they have something similar happen to them.

They will remember the way he wooed his partner and the patience with which he handled his aging mother. This is all part of the special bond between father and son.

How hard is it to make your son a true gentleman?

How to Make Your Son a True Gentleman

What we need to do is even simpler than what we expect. Protecting the image that we project as parents is fundamental.

While it is true that the father, grandfather and brothers play an important role, the entire responsibility doesn’t fall just on their shoulders.

As mothers we have a special gift. Our gift is to get close to our children with our words. Women definitely communicate better.

Everything we teach should be based on facts. We need to clearly explain the importance of being gentlemen. We should allow our son to have a positive view of his actions.

He should understand that behaving like a true gentleman isn’t an imposition. It’s a guarantee of being a better man in the future, being conscious that everyone around him desreves honest and courteous treatment.

These recommendations will help you:

How to Make Your Son a True Gentleman

Among the best qualities of a gentleman is the ability to behave respectfully with others. This includes knowing how to express yourself when you don’t agree.

It is important for your son to know that sharing his ideas, opinions and nonconformities with others is a perfectly fine action if done with deference and courtesy.

  • Help them to notice who is around them, at school, at their friend’s house, or with family. This will help them learn how to get along with everyone while being tolerant and accepting.
  • Education is everything. Invite them to give up their seat for a pregnant woman or senior citizen. Explain to them that as a future man they should help more vulnerable people. This will help them to better understand the role they will play as a gentleman in our society.
  • Any activity is an opportunity to reinforce these values. Breakfast, homework, clean-up time, or even when we are stuck in traffic are all good opportunites to talk to your little one about family values like being a gentleman.
  • Speak firmly to them when they make a mistake that affects someone else. Show them their mistake so that in the future they can recognize these moments and correct them kindly.
  • The conviction to do the right thing is essential for a gentleman. Teach them to take actions that have a positive impact on their own interests.
  • Recognize their actions. Congratulate them and reward them when they have acted like a gentleman. This will allow them to see how being a gentleman is part of their daily life and is normal.

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