4 of the Funnest Moments of Motherhood

Accompanying your children as they grow up is an adventure, without a doubt. Today, we'll look at 4 of the funnest moments of motherhood.
4 of the Funnest Moments of Motherhood

Last update: 09 April, 2021

Being a mother is a tough job, a full-time responsibility. Along the way, you’ll experience doubts, fears, and guilt. But it’ll also provide you with wonderful experiences and unparalleled memories. That’s why, today, we want to pay tribute to some of the funnest moments of motherhood.

Living with children is an adventure. With them, any daily activity can become a memorable anecdote. And while every mother has her own epic memories with her children, you’re sure to see yourself reflected in the situations below.

The funnest moments of motherhood

4 of the Funnest Moments of Motherhood

The best alarm clock

Gone are the days when the unpleasant and repetitive sound of an alarm would wake you up from sleep. Today, you’re woken up by laughter, children’s voices, and little feet hopping on your mattress. No matter how much noise they make, it doesn’t matter how early it is. Because the desire to continue sleeping dissipates before their contagious joy.

Of course, this scene will only take place on weekends and those days in which you made plans to sleep in until late. Well, for some unknown reason, all that energy and vitality turns into laziness when it’s time to go to school. On those days, you’ll have to use all your creativity and persuasion to get them out of their beds.

A language of their own

Another one of the funnest moments of motherhood is witnessing the moments when our little one begins to speak. That tongue struggling to articulate the sounds, switching syllables; those first invented words with which they give their own meaning to the world.

Even children with the greatest dominion of speech have, at one time or another, made these tender mistakes that become indelible memories. Even when they’re grown up, remembering the endearing nickname they used to call their grandfather or how hard it was to pronounce “butterfly” or “refrigerator” will bring a smile to the whole family’s face.

Little adults

Although we may not be fully aware of it, children are watching us all the time. They pick up on the way we talk, move, act and react.

You may think that the thousands of times you repeat to your child that they shouldn’t put their elbows on the table when eating are useless. Perhaps at some point, you doubt whether the effort you make to be patient, to talk calmly, and explain the house rules over and over again is having any effect.

One day, however, when you least expect it, your child will notice you with your elbows on the table and urge you to remove them. One evening, when you’re angry or irritated, they’ll take you by the hand to the couch, invite you to sit down, and ask you, in a calm tone, what’s wrong.

One day, you’ll find it hard to stifle a chuckle at the irony of that little child applying the same techniques and teachings you use so much with them. You’ll find it both surprising and amusing to watch them behave like a miniature adult. However, you’ll also feel the great satisfaction of knowing that your efforts are instilling good values in them.

4 of the Funnest Moments of Motherhood

Sincerity in its purest form

One of the most characteristic traits of children is their sincerity. They have no filter, and this can lead to more than one awkward situation. Every mother has at one time or another thought, “I’ll be damned” when her little one makes a comment that was as frank as it was rude to someone else.

After apologizing and getting over your embarrassment, you probably couldn’t help but laugh. Children, as observant as they are witty, often delight us with the most hilarious comments.

So, when your child looks at your dark circles under your eyes and asks you why you wore purple makeup today, or looks at your swollen belly after lunch and asks if you have a baby inside, you may feel offended. However, a smile will quickly spread across your face as you contemplate their spontaneity.

Motherhood is full of funny moments

These are just a few examples of the funnest moments of motherhood. Watching your child grow up will bring you nonstop satisfaction and you’ll see that, by their side, you’ll never run out of reasons to laugh. So, enjoy and treasure these moments in your heart. They’ll be your best memories.


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