I'm Grateful for the Chaos of Motherhood

If you're a mother, you know all about the chaos of motherhood. Today, we'll share all the reasons you can be grateful for that.
I'm Grateful for the Chaos of Motherhood

Last update: 16 September, 2021

We all know what it’s like to take a deep breath throughout the day, even if nothing bad has happened. For some of us, it’s because we’re practicing mindful reflection and breathing. However, for others, it’s because the chaos of motherhood is exhausting.

Children, partners, work, home life, family, pets, and a thousand other responsibilities require our attention each and every day. Sometimes, it feels like a lot to bear on our own. Your life feels chaotic–like there’s no order–and you’re always exhausted. If you’re a mother, you know what we mean when we talk about the chaos of motherhood.

mother and her kids

The chaos of motherhood

If you take a step back and put aside your exhaustion, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of beauty in the chaos of motherhood. If you stop and think about what that means, you’ll get overwhelmed. Motherhood is so much more than just your day-to-day life.

You’ll realize that you’re grateful to have a pot full of small pants and t-shirts with chocolate, grass, and dirt stains. All of those things mean that your children are healthy and love to play and get dirty. 

Once you step back and look at your kitchen full of dishes, you’ll feel grateful that your family has food to eat. Also, even if it gets on your nerves sometimes, you’ll feel thankful for the never-ending “why” questions. Those questions mean that your children are curious about the world. 

In addition, you can be grateful for doctor’s appointments because it means you have access to healthcare. You can be grateful for a messy home because that means your family has somewhere to live.

A long list of thanks

And, now that you’ve started to think about everything you’re grateful for, you might realize that list is actually a lot longer than you expected. What are other aspects of the chaos of motherhood that you can feel grateful for? Here are some examples.

  • When your children show you things, it’s because they want you to be part of their lives.
  • You can feel grateful that your children want to be by your side all the time. 
  • If neither your children nor your partner realizes you styled your hair differently, it’s because they always think you’re beautiful.
  • When you’re stressed at work, it’s because that means you have a job that helps you support your family. Also, because you like what you do.
  • You can be grateful for the clothes you have and the ones you’re able to buy for your kids.
  • When you look around at your messy home and know it’s full of life and constant movement. 
  • If you realize there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything, you can be grateful that the chaos of motherhood keeps your life full.

You can also feel grateful for the chaos of motherhood when…

  • You’re feeling nostalgic when thinking about the friends you want to see soon. That means you have friends you love and that love you back.
  • Your children talk to you because that means they have the personality and confidence to feel secure enough to speak up. Even when they’re talking to you, they’re always respectful and empathetic.
  • You realize your children need your hugs and kisses because they want to feel better. The only way they’ll feel better, physically, and emotionally, is if you bring them close to you.
  • It feels good when your parents call you three times over the weekend to remind you to get your flu shot. That means you have parents who still want to take care of you.
Mother enjoying herself


As you can see, there are so many reasons to be grateful for the chaos of motherhood. The secret is to see the beauty in the chaos. In doing so, you’ll notice the little details that make you and your family so happy. Once you notice them, you’ll have found the key to happiness in your life.

Tantrums, disorder, and chaos won’t always be parts of your life. And, once you take a step back, you’ll realize how grateful you are that they’re part of your life now. You won’t want time to pass because you’ll realize how important family life is to you.

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