3 Ideas for Maternity Dresses for Moms to Be

Are you pregnant and can't find the right outfit for you? In this article, we'll give you some tips about all the different and versatile maternity looks for moms to be. You can still look good while being comfortable.
3 Ideas for Maternity Dresses for Moms to Be

Last update: 03 October, 2019

Although pregnancy can bring a lot of joy and happiness to your life, your body suffers a lot of changes in those nine months. Therefore, you might find it hard to choose what to wear from time to time. Worry no more, as you can choose from many different types of maternity dresses for moms to be.

Maternity dresses are very practical because they’re very comfortable. You can find them in many different styles, shapes, and colors. They can also make your belly look even better.

On the other hand, you need to take into account the kind of weather you’ll be in, and even the shape of your belly, before you choose a dress.

3 Ideas for Maternity Dresses for Moms to Be

Maternity dresses for the summer

If you’re pregnant during the warmer months, try to use dresses that are light and fresh, like the ones we’ll talk about next.

Sailor striped dresses

This is a timeless piece, it can be made of cotton and in pastel shades. This is a safe bet because they’re soft and fresh, perfect for the hot weather.

White dresses

These dresses are very versatile. For example, they’re easy to match with other clothes, they come in different shapes; they can be long, short, straight, etc. Dresses like these can make you look chic and comfortable.

3 Ideas for Maternity Dresses for Moms to Be

How should maternity dresses look?

During pregnancy, you need to wear clothes that are loose fitting, that don’t press on your belly. Also, pregnant ladies look great with dresses with a princess cut because it’ll make your waist look small, it’ll define your torso and bust, and give your body a better shape.

Blouse dresses

Maternity blouse dresses can be long or short. They’re great to go to the pool or the beach, actually to go anywhere. They look great and are comfortable.

Party dresses for moms to be

In formal and special occasions, moms to be can still look beautiful and dashing. You need to follow the same lines for the more casual dresses, for example, loose and princess cut.

They should also be made of fancier and darker fabrics. Don’t go overboard with too many accessories or bold patterns.

Chiffon dresses look great and they don’t need accessories or high heels. On the other hand, you’ve got asymmetrical dresses, which are always on-trend. Their shape allows your body to look even better.

For winter gatherings you can wear dresses made out of cotton, silk, or yarn, or bulky dresses. These will look great with earth tones, or blue shades in patterns. You can also choose a long, black dress, a symbol of class and elegance.

Maternity dresses for all belly shapes

Before you choose a dress, take into account the shape of your belly. Find out what model will look great on you.

Moms to be with big bellies

If your belly is bigger than average and you’d like to hide it a little, you can choose a monochrome dress. A black dress will always stylize your figure and make it look smaller. You can also pair it with a necklace or a belt that helps deviate looks from your belly.

Maternity dresses for moms with small bellies

If you’re pregnant and have a small belly, you can show it off with the right maternity dress. For example, short dresses or blouse dresses with horizontal stripes, matched with flat shoes, can enhance your pregnant look.

3 Ideas for Maternity Dresses for Moms to Be

Maternity dresses that look great on low bellies

If you have a low belly, don’t fret. It’s a great chance to use V-neck dresses. Also, if your legs aren’t too bloated, you’ll look great with dresses and skirts above the knee. In a way, your belly will also thank you for it.

How to look great if you carry high

When this is the case, you need to wear clothes that bring out your chest and give volume to your belly. Patterns and loose clothing will look great on you. On the same line, silky dresses in bright colors can separate your chest from your belly.

Take these suggestions into account for maternity dresses with diverse styles and chic colors, they’ll make you look and feel elegant and comfortable in this beautiful time of your life.


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