5 Types of Friends Every Mother Needs

If you're a mother and you have these 5 types of friends in your life, you're a lucky woman!
5 Types of Friends Every Mother Needs
María José Roldán

Written and verified by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Friends are a fundamental pillar in the life of any person, but especially in a mother’s life. However, friendships aren’t one-size-fits-all. We’re going to look at 5 types of friends every mother needs.

We all have different types of friends and different kinds of friendships. When you have a crisis, a funny story, or need advice, you know immediately who to call. Our friends are our most precious treasures.

Each friend is important and brings something different to your life. Below, we’re going to look at the types of friends that every mother needs. Surely, while you read the following article, you’ll be reminded of friends or even identify with one of the descriptions!

5 types of friends every mother needs

Every mother needs certain types of friends.

1. The one who always supports you

This is a friend who is always on your side, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong. This friend will always defend you to anyone, anytime, anywhere. They will drop whatever they’re doing to come and help you if you’re feeling down.

This friend will be the first person by your side when you need help with anything in life. They’re your biggest fan and the person who always believes in you, even when you don’t. These friends are a treasure that you shouldn’t give up for the world.

2. The comedian, one of the types of friends

Sometimes when situations are desperate, there is always a way that problems can’t get to you: laughter. This friend is the one who makes you laugh even in the worst moments. They can make you see how ridiculous life is and, if you’ve made a mistake, there’s always an upside that will make you feel better.

Laugh at how ridiculous life is or how bad your mistake was. Laugh at yourself, or laugh together, it doesn’t matter! Just laugh until you start to feel better. This friend will always find a way to make sure you see the positive side of any situation. Laughter really is the best medicine, so make sure to keep this friend’s number on speed dial.

3. Devil’s Advocate

You’re wrong and you know you’re wrong, but you still don’t want to admit it. This friend will help you see the other side of every situation by playing devil’s advocate. They spare your feelings and tell you exactly how things are.

This is the friend that you call when you need a reality check or when you need someone to tell you to stop complaining and listen to what life wants to tell you.

Sometimes this friendship isn’t easy and requires a little more work than your other relationships, but deep down you know you need this person in your life to keep you balanced. Just like you need a cheerleader, you also need someone to help keep you grounded.

4. The one who is full of wisdom

Each of us needs a friend who knows about lots of different things. If you need advice about anything, you know you can call them because they’ll have some advice and they’re always good with words. It doesn’t matter if it’s about cooking or parenting, this friend will always have words of encouragement to offer you.

Women talking on a couch.

If you don’t know how to fix something that’s broken, this friend can tell you what she knows or who can help you. Even if they don’t know, they’ll investigate the problem when they’ve been able to help you. No matter what happens, you know that if you call them, you’ll find a solution much faster.

5. Instant connection

Just like there are people who believe in love at first sight, there are those who believe that the same thing happens when it comes to friendships. There are people in this world who simply connect for whatever reason and this connection can be for life.

Maybe your pasts are so similar that you feel like you’ve led parallel lives or maybe your stories are so different that you can’t even imagine growing up like her.

This person is your soul sister and you’ll be friends until the day you die. You may lose touch over the years, but you’ll always reconnect and feel that absolutely no time has passed.

This is the friend you can say absolutely anything to, because they would never judge you. They understand you on a level that sometimes you feel like no one else does, including your partner. Friendship with this person will continue, regardless of relationships, spouses, children, and jobs.

What originally connects you quickly disappears because the only thing that matters is that you have this person in your life and that makes you happy.

Do you have these types of friends in your life? You’re lucky!

Sometimes a person in your life fits into multiple categories and sometimes friends switch categories. The person who always made you laugh one day may suddenly be the perfect person to tell you the truth. And the person who gives you advice today might be the one who just hugs you and lets you cry on their shoulder tomorrow.

However, if you have all the categories covered with your friends, without a doubt, you are a lucky woman.


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