What If a Woman Hates Being Pregnant?

If a woman hates being pregnant, this doesn't mean that she doesn't want her baby. It may be that the different circumstances of the pregnancy make it unpleasant.
What If a Woman Hates Being Pregnant?
Mara Amor López

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for a woman to enjoy, especially if the symptoms allow it. Feeling your little one growing inside your body is one of the best sensations. However, there are also cases where a woman hates being pregnant, and this shouldn’t be seen as something strange or wrong. 

Thousands of women don’t like being pregnant and often feel guilty about what they feel. It’s something irrational, that they can’t control and that doesn’t allow them to enjoy pregnancy as other mothers do.

Pregnancy is a stage of sudden emotional ups and downs. One minute, we can be jumping for joy, and the next minute, we’re crying in the corner. We’ve all heard about hormonal influences, and this is the proof. The fact that a woman hates being pregnant doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her children. And therefore, we must stop punishing her for her feelings.

When a woman hates being pregnant

A pregnant woman lying on a couch looking overwhelmed.

A woman who hates being pregnant is capable of loving and enjoying her children just like any other mother. If this is your case, put your guilt aside, as there’s an explanation for all of this. Also, this reality occurs more often than you think.

If you’ve been feeling sick, aren’t sleeping well, have diabetes, or suffer from any other pregnancy-related illness, you may hate being pregnant. These feelings that surface during this stage are normal and should be accepted without guilt or shame.

Why do some women hate being pregnant?

The reasons why a woman hates being pregnant can be varied. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Frequent vomiting and nausea

There are women in whom the pregnancy hormones cause them to vomit and experience nausea. This is most common in the first few months, although they can sometimes last until the end of the pregnancy. In this case, the discomfort keeps them from appearing as happy as they would like to be because they don’t feel well.

Rejection of the changes in her body

Nowadays, a lot of importance is attached to having a body that fits into specific beauty standards and pregnancy doesn’t favor this objective. Your hips widen, your belly grows, your breasts become gigantic, and you retain fluids.

Although these modifications have a sense of being, they cause some women to not feel good about their bodies and to hate being pregnant.

In addition, there are women who must discontinue certain routines after becoming pregnant, such as impact sports. This limitation can seriously affect the spirits of those who used to exercise in this way, even if they remain active in some other way.


Some pregnant women may be depressed, as hormonal changes promote mood swings. For this reason, pregnant women may feel without the enthusiasm or energy to face pregnancy.

Fear of childbirth

It’s totally normal to feel nervous and afraid of childbirth, but there are women who experience absolute terror when they think of labor and delivery. The reasons are several: The health and well-being of the baby, tears, pain, complications, among others.

Fear makes them spend the 9 months worried and with a very high level of anxiety until the day they give birth. All of this prevents them from enjoying their pregnancy.

If a woman hates being pregnant, it’s important to learn to control her emotions

Controlling your emotions isn’t always easy during pregnancy, and a good way to do this is to keep your mind busy. How? In many ways: Talking with other women to share experiences, doing things that you like, and seeking pleasant experiences.

The main objective is to stay positive so that you can feel better and be able to control your emotions. Don’t forget that these are always produced by thoughts, so have positive thoughts so that your emotions will be positive as well.

A woman and her partner standing with their hands on her pregnant belly.

A woman who hates being pregnant will still fall in love with her baby as soon as it’s born

A woman may hate being pregnant and not enjoy this stage, but when she sees her baby, she’ll experience love at first sight. A mother loves her child above all else, even if she had an unpleasant experience during pregnancy.

The love of a mother is the greatest and most special that can be felt. And the only thing that really matters to you is seeing your little one and holding him or her in your arms.

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