10 Phrases That Children Often Say to Their Parents

Are you surprised by some things your little ones come up with? You can't miss these 10 phrases that children often say to their parents.
10 Phrases That Children Often Say to Their Parents
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Children may surprise us with some of the things they come up with, either because they sound like adults or because they’re typical of their age. If you want to discover them, we invite you to read these 10 phrases that children often say to their parents.

We’re sure that some of them will be familiar to you and you may even have said them at their age, too. Enjoy then those beautiful memories of your childhood and that of your children!

10 phrases that children often say to their parents

As the book Frases Célebres de Niños 2 (Famous Children’s Phrases 2), by the Spanish presenter Pablo Motos, shows very well, the child’s mind is capable of transporting adults to another world. And they do so with certain phrases that, regardless of gender or cultural differences, all children tend to say to their parents.

Below, we’ll tell you about them. Although it’s very likely that you already know them!

1. Why?

The question “why?” is something that every little one has asked at least once… if not 10 thousand times! Although on certain occasions they’re quite insistent, the truth is that kids need to learn about everything that surrounds them.

Therefore, the curiosity of little ones allows them to question even the most basic of answers. This also restores youth to parents and teachers, as suggested by a study developed by the Complutense University of Madrid.

The innocence of children under 6 years of age is reflected in these gestures that, without a doubt, are what give life.

2. I’m bored

Even if they’re playing with their new gifts and having a great time, “I’m bored” is always part of a child’s repertoire.

They may seem anxious to do more or consider what they already have to be boring. But there’s more to it than that. The vitality of children is immense and causes them to constantly want to enjoy new adventures.

3. I always have to do everything myself

A mother and her young daughter looking at each other angrily.

This is one of the funniest phrases that children often say to their parents and it comes from the example we give them. Little ones perfectly imitate each of the behaviors they see in their parents, including when we complain that we have to do everything and that never get any help or rest.

Our children, like little sponges, will take our complaints into account and use them at the most opportune moments. Therefore, don’t be surprised if, after telling them to set the table, pick up their toys, or do other tasks suitable for their age, they repeat this phrase. And what’s even funnier is the conviction with which they sy it!

4. It wasn’t me

According to research developed by the Institute of Child Study, there are different reasons why a child lies:

  • The need to be accepted in their circle of friends
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • The objective of hiding something bad that they’ve done or that they consider to be wrong or embarrassing.

It’s in this last case where the famous “it wasn’t me” appears and it’s due to a consequence that reflects the fear of punishment or the lack of trust towards parents. To avoid this feeling, it’s best to educate them with patience and without judgment.

5. Are we there yet?, one of the phrases that children often say to their parents

It’s difficult to go on a car trip and not hear this phrase over and over from your kids? Or perhaps they repeat it when you go out with your child for a walk and you haven’t yet arrived at your destination. In any case, you need to know that it’s common at this age and there’s no need to worry. Just have patience!

The value of patience must also be instilled from childhood and it’s a path that’s traveled little by little.

6. I’m hungry

Similar to the previous phrase is the famous “I’m hungry”, even if you’re just about to finish preparing the meal. But it’s okay. This gives them time to learn to wait.

7. I don’t like vegetables

Childhood is the stage when you begin to discover what you like and what you don’t. And that being said, there’s a more or less general truth that applies to children: Vegetables and fruits are sometimes seen as enemies.

However, it’s important not to give up and create good eating habits from early on to get them used to taking care of themselves. Even though they say they don’t like it, a balanced diet includes all the components of the nutritional pyramid.

8. I don’t want to go to school

Children also feel lazy when they get up early and, therefore, prefer to stay in bed rather than go to school. However, if you see that your child’s constantly repeating this phrase, then we suggest you investigate further.

As an article published in 2014 clearly states, this phrase is a possible sign that your child may be suffering from bullying. So, talk openly with your child about it and report back to the school so the teachers are up to date.

A victom of bullying sitting on the floor at school.

9. When I’m older…, one of the phrases that children say to parents the most

Often, as adults, we dream of going back to being children. But little ones want to grow up as soon as possible. Pretty ironic, isn’t it? Therefore, it’s normal to hear our kids discussing future plans for when they’re older.

Your dreams and goals begin to take shape at this stage and it all begins with a small phrase.

10. Look, Mom!

How proud kids are when they finish any project and run to show it to Mom and Dad! Hence this statement that causes us to melt every time we hear it.

When you hear it, be proud to be a part of your child’s growth. While they achieve their purposes, you’re by their side to support them always.

Are these 10 phrases that children often say to their parents familiar to you?

We hope that these phrases have made you smile and have informed you even more about the reason for certain childhood behaviors. Without a doubt, your understanding is essential to help them grow in confidence.

And how about you? Did you also say them as a child? Or do you no longer remember? Write in the comments which one you hear the most every day.

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