How to Pack a Backpack for School

There are lots of things you need to include when you pack a backpack for your child to take to school. Don't forget to consider your child's age and size, as well as snacks, and all necessary school supplies.
How to Pack a Backpack for School
María José Roldán

Reviewed and approved by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

When summer is ending and classes will be starting soon for children, one of the most common questions parents ask themselves is how to pack a backpack correctly. We’ll offer some helpful suggestions below.

In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips on how to choose the best backpack for your kids, and how to pack it for school. Take note, and get ready to face the beginning of the school year with everything you need!

Types of backpacks: what’s the best option?

Choosing the best backpack is important to organize your children’s school supplies. Additionally, the size of the backpack should be appropriate for them. Therefore, a good way to know for sure is to have your children try them on.

Also, it’s important that backpacks have two straps that fit right to prevent back painIf they have wheels, it’s good to see how it feels when your children walk with them.

Pack a backpack for school: how to do it

When it’s time for your children to go back to school, many parents wonder how to pack a backpack for their children so that everything is organized, comfortable and practical. Don’t forget, your children will be using them every day.

The goal is to pack a backpack so that it only has what’s completely necessary. To achieve this goal, it’s a good idea to have your child’s class schedule. That way, you can organize it properly.

Once you know what subjects your child will need, you can pack it with books and school supplied. It’s important to think about what supplies your child will need to pack a backpack for him.

How to Pack a Backpack for School

Textbooks and notebooks

Both textbooks and notebooks should go in the biggest pouch when you pack a backpack for your child. They should all be together and standing upright.

Usually, we recommend having a single notebook that is divided. That way, your child doesn’t feel weighed down. Additionally, the backpack will be much easier to organize at the end of the day.

Pencil bags and other supplies

Pencil bags and other cases are usually the heaviest objects. Therefore, you should only pack what your child needs for school. The best cases are the ones that are made of resistant fabrics since they’re versatile. Additionally, you can carry lots of pencils in one space.

“Once you pack a backpack for your child, it’s best to weigh it. Why? You want to make sure it doesn’t exceed 15% of your child’s weight.”

Normally, school kits include the following materials: pens, erasers, colored pencils, scissors, markers, a ruler and a glue stick. These are the most important elements that your child should bring to school. However, you may need some extra things every once in a while.

Snacks and drinks to include when you pack a backpack for your child

Often, kids need to take a snack to school. In these cases, it’s good when your child’s backpack has side and front pockets. Then, you can use the side pockets to hold a water bottle or another drink.

The rest of the pockets are great to hold food. That is, snacks for your child. Make sure to pack snacks and drinks after packing books and supplies.

How to Pack a Backpack for School

Other small and light supplies

Small and light supplies, like hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, wet wipes, bandaids or a change of clothes is the last thing you should pack. In fact, you may need these if your child has sports or other activities after school.

It’s very important to include these kinds of items when you pack a backpack for your child, especially if he’s in preschool. Generally, preschool children get dirty very easily.

Once you pack a backpack for your child, it’s best to weigh it. Why? You want to make sure it doesn’t exceed 15% of your child’s weight. This is especially important, and many doctors recommend it. That way, you’ll prevent your child from hurting himself.

In conclusion, to pack a backpack in an organized and useful way, you need to think about the number of classes and subjects that your child will have every day. This way, your child will only have what he needs, and he won’t weight himself down with extra items.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.