The Greatest Apps to Help You Study

The information age offers many apps to help you study. Discover some of the best ones in this article.
The Greatest Apps to Help You Study
María Matilde

Written and verified by the pedagogue and trainer María Matilde.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

As you may know, an app is a program or tool that’s designed to help users do different things on their mobile device. There are apps for anything you can think of. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best apps to help you study.

These study apps give you the resources and strategies you need to organize yourself and whatever you need to study for.

Apps to help you take notes

There are many apps for smartphones or tablets that can help you take notes in class, then organize them and store them. You can use these apps with a stylus or using your finger and keyboard.

Apps like Squid, Moleskine Journal, Paper, Evernote, Somnote, or Simple Note are ideal for taking notes. Some even let you draw sketches and also sign documents.

On the other hand, apps like Google Keep will help you take notes and also share them easily. Apps can help make it easier to take notes through a microphone, converting your voice into text. Last, but not least, the Office Lens app lets you scan your notes and turn them into different format files.

The Greatest Apps to Help You Study

Apps to help you look up information

To study, you don’t only need apps that help you stay organized. There are great apps that make it easier to look up information, learning something new or looking up the meaning of words you don’t know. Therefore, other apps are designed for learning.

For example, Kahn Academy is an app that has tutorials about many things. Coursera is another great app where you can sign up for online and free courses. Other apps, like TED, give you the chance to attend conferences worldwide. Curiosity offers millions of interesting facts.

You can also find interesting apps like Audible, where you can listen to audiobooks. There are even apps like Wuolah that give you access to thousands of notes and summaries made by students around the world.

So, whenever you need to learn anything, there are great apps to help you study at your disposal – from how to make bibliographies like Mendeley, to solve linguistic doubts with apps like the Merriam-Webster’s.

Apps to help you stay organized

Planning and organization are essential to make your study time more effective. Following a calendar can help you be more organized, and there are apps for this too. For example, Google Calendar or Studious App can help you organize your schedule and calendar dates for when you have to hand out a paper or do a test.

On the other hand, Pocket is an interesting app to organize important links and check them out whenever you need them. You can also make checklists through the TickTick app.

There are other interesting apps out there to organize your ideas. Simplemind, for example, can help you out by creating mind maps.

The Greatest Apps to Help You Study

Apps to help you pay attention

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you’re studying is fighting distractions and staying focused. As you’ve probably guessed, there are apps to help you stay focused.

Apps like Flipd, Study Helper or Focus Lock are very useful because they block notifications. There’s even an app called BreakFree that tracks the amount of time you spend on your phone.

To stay focused while you study, there are apps like Brain Focus. This app works as a timer, so you can set study and leisure times.

Apps to help you study in groups

You don’t always have to study by yourself. Sometimes you’ll have to study with other people, maybe taking part in group projects, exchanging notes or information.

If you do, Trello and Google Drive are excellent apps to share your notes. Another great app for this is, where you can exchange thoughts and opinions with ease. Huddle is another great alternative when creating shared documents.

More great apps to help you study

Some apps may be more complete or specific than others, but there are thorough apps that can offer you many educational resources. These can be of great help when taking notes, organizing your time and  consulting and storing information. Some also make it easier to share and work in groups.

You can create mind maps or worksheets, make calendars, setting alerts, reminders, etc. Among these apps, you have GoConqr, My Study Life, Quizlet, Microsoft OneNote or Yammer. The latter resembles social media. Besides the apps you’ve read about in this article, other apps can help you study a specific subject.

The Greatest Apps to Help You Study

An important thing to remember is where you can store all the information and notes you need. Apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive or Amazon Cloud are great for this. Using these apps can help you store all kinds of information and images.

Many apps can help you study and every day many more are created. With this in mind, studying doesn’t have to become an impossible task. Now, use technology to your advantage and start studying.

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