The Benefits of Hypnopedia for Your Children

An ideal moment to transmit to a child how much we love them is while they're sleeping. You can also affirm their capacities and promote their development. Find out more about the benefits of hypnopedia in today's article.
The Benefits of Hypnopedia for Your Children

Last update: 13 June, 2020

The word hypnopedia means “sleep-learning.” It’s a neuro-linguistic programming technique that helps us reprogram the mind for several different purposes. This is possible because, when we sleep, our unconscious is much more receptive to the messages it receives. So, what are the benefits of hypnopedia?

If we apply hypnopedia with children, we can transmit to them all the information that, during the day, and for different reasons, it’s often difficult for us to express to them. It’s a very useful tool to enhance their mental and emotional development. And, above all, we can use it to transmit our love to them so that it’s firmly rooted in their minds.

How does hypnopedia work?

The unconscious directs more than 90% of our life. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions arise from the different beliefs that are rooted in it. If these are negative or dysfunctional, then they can cause us problems or suffering on a daily basis. Therefore, if we want to change an attitude, we have to go to the source.

Sleep is the ideal time to perform this task. This is because, while we sleep, the barriers of the conscious mind come down and we’re much more open to information. You could say that we’re much more permeable. Everything you say to a child during their sleep will penetrate them directly and effectively. This is why hypnopedia is such a valuable tool.

 The Benefits of Hypnopedia for Your Children

How to apply hypnopedia?

First of all, decide on the messages you want to convey to your child. Make sure they’re short and written in a positive way. Avoid using the word “no” and focus on what you want to achieve rather than on what you’re concerned about. For example, instead of saying “you’re not anxious anymore,” use the statement “you feel calm and happy all day long.”

It’s also important not to select too many messages at once. Try to keep it to less than four at a time. Once you’re clear about the message, it’s a good idea to write it down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget it.

Now just wait until your child enters REM sleep. Keep in mind that REM sleep usually occurs within two hours of them actually going to sleep. At this point, stand next to your child and, without waking them up, start saying what you’ve written to them. Do this naturally, slowly and in a soft voice, almost like a whisper.

Keep reading the messages or talking to them for five to ten minutes, and finish with a positive, loving sentence. Say something like “I love you”, “you’re very precious to me”, or something similar that comes from your heart.

You should repeat this routine for at least 21 days in a row. The choice of this period of time is due to the fact that cell regeneration occurs every 21 days. So your child’s new cells will be loaded with the positive information you’ve given them.

 The Benefits of Hypnopedia for Your Children

What are the benefits of hypnopedia?

Hypnopedia can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some of them:

  • Transmitting to your children how much you love them. When we’re involved in the daily routine, it’s not always possible for us to express our love to our children. Sometimes, we feel that we seem to spend the whole day correcting them or fulfilling tasks and obligations, and we never find the right moment. Sleep is an ideal phase to do this, since your words will reach their unconscious directly, making them feel really loved. You can also take the opportunity to apologize if you made a mistake during the day.
  • Modify problematic behavior. When children behave inappropriately, it’s easy to become desperate. They don’t seem to listen to our words or instructions and we’re tired of fighting with them all day. We can use hypnopedia to change this situation. If your child is aggressive, for example, give them messages such as “you’re kind and loving to others” or “you feel very happy with your friends.”
  • Encourage their development. You can help your child improve their self-esteem, overcome shyness, or optimize their school performance by adjusting the messages, such as: “you always feel very safe and confident”; “you love making friends and you’re great at it” or “you find it easy to study, you understand and remember things very easily.”

There are many benefits of hypnopedia and reasons for using this technique. Its effectiveness, added to its simplicity, makes it a powerful tool to improve your child’s well-being and your relationship with them.

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