How to Help Your Children Feel Worthy

When children know they deserve the best and have the power to change their own lives, they won't accept failure or harmful relationships. On the contrary, they'll do their best to go for their goals. Read today's article to learn more.
How to Help Your Children Feel Worthy

Last update: 10 May, 2021

Feeling worthy of good things is essential to avoid self-sabotaging behaviors in the future. When we sabotage ourselves, we stop ourselves from reaching our goals and happiness, without being aware of it. However, feeling worthy is an attitude children should develop from an early age. This is why we’ll tell you how to help your children feel worthy.

Depending on how people around children treat them, they’ll develop a positive or negative image of themselves. Since parents are the closest figures around children, they should be in charge of convincing them they’re valuable, loved and that they deserve to be happy.

Feeling worthy or not will condition children in different ways. In fact, this feeling can last until they become adults. Therefore, it’s very important to pay attention to this, when raising our children.

How do you know if your children feel worthy?

It’s actually easy to identify whether your children feel worthy or not. This is because the characteristics of children who feel worthy are quite different than those of children who don’t.

 How to Help Your Children Feel Worthy

When children don’t feel worthy:

  • They tend to be insecure. They usually experience fear and sadness. In common situations, they may become anxious thinking about what will happen in the end.
  • They aren’t aware of the tools they count on to solve different situations, therefore, they don’t use them properly. In addition, they might not be able to see their own virtues, abilities and strengths. As a result, they don’t think they’re capable of facing different challenges.
  • These children are quite negative. They find it hard to appreciate what they have. So, they’re ungrateful and they don’t feel lucky. In fact, they complain all the time, and feel jealous of others. They tend to blame others for their unhappiness, so they think there’s nothing they can do to change their reality.

On the contrary, when children feel worthy:

  • They tend to be calm, happy and confident. 
  • They’re aware of their own skills, and they know when to use them. As a result, they aren’t afraid of challenges, because they know they hold the necessary tools to face them.
  • These children are quite positive. They’re grateful, and they value what they have.

How to help your children feel worthy

Work on yourself

First, you should take a look at yourself and see if you feel worthy. If you don’t, then you’ll have to work on that, because otherwise you won’t be able to help your children. To do this, little actions, like saying thank you when someone says something nice about you – instead of downplaying compliments – will help you.

Existing is enough

In order to feel worthy, you don’t need to try hard or to be a certain way. It’s just something that must happen. This is why you should always tell your children that they have the right to be happy. Furthermore, they deserve to have good friends and to be loved by the people that surround them. We all deserve to be happy for who we are.

 How to Help Your Children Feel Worthy

Help them build their self-esteem

It’s important to help your children identify their qualities, in order to make them feel confident. Following this idea, you can give them different responsibilities and let them make different choices according to their age. You can also challenge them in a reasonable way, and when they achieve their goals, they’ll feel they’re capable of doing anything.

Teach then not to settle

Finally, use any situation you can to remind your children they’re worthy. They must believe they deserve the best, so they should never settle for less. If a friend mistreats them, tell your children they shouldn’t accept that. If they fail an exam, help them improve their study techniques, so they won’t fail again. And, if they don’t get into a team, tell them to keep practicing until they improve their abilities, and advise them to try again.

About helping your children feel worthy

In conclusion, it’s important that children grow up believing they have the power to change their own lives. They should never think that they’re victims of their circumstances. In fact, they deserve to be happy, and they have the ability to achieve their goals.




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