Online Resources to Study During Vacation

If you want your children to play and study a bit at the same time, read this article. You'll find fantastic applications for your children to study during vacation in a different and fun way.
Online Resources to Study During Vacation

Last update: 29 December, 2019

Children deserve to rest during their vacation, whether during winter break or the summer. But studying in an enjoyable way will be very useful to remember past knowledge and feed their curiosity. That’s why we’ll present excellent online resources to study during vacation in a different way.

Online resources to study a bit of everything

There’s a variety of study options out there, so let’s look at a few applications that children can use to have fun while learning and retaining knowledge.

Online Resources to Study During Vacation

Little Smart Planet

Lots of children are fascinated by space, so why not learn in it? Little Smart Planet and its Pro version introduce simple games about elementary math, language, and English in an eye-catching and fun environment. In fact, it won the 2015 Education Innovation Award for the best online learning method

Online resources to study English and linguistics

Let’s take a look at the languages section. Writing skills are essential in any language and, if your children have a good time while studying, it will be even better.

Fun English by Studycat

Learning should be a game. That’s why this resource has 16 different games for children to study English. Although, if your children are polyglots or study other languages, you can also download this application in French, German, and Chinese.

It’s designed so that children between 3 and 10 years of age can review their understanding as well as their written and oral expression with a funny cat. There are 85 different categories to learn up to 350 words and phrases.

ABC Handwriting Practice

This game combines handwriting and creativity. Each exercise has the format of a card with a difficulty that increases little by little.

On the one hand, it encourages the development of fine motor skills. Do you remember the alphabet booklets in which you had to practice letters and words? This is its digital version. A card can include either uppercase letters only or only lowercase letters, as well as a mix of both.

On the other hand, it develops creativity. Many cards contain drawings of elements that children know very well and their name. This allows the children to relate the letter they’re seeing with a word that contains that letter and its drawing.

If you want to strengthen the association, you can suggest that they use a color related to the drawing to review the accompanying letters. 

Online resources to study math

Math is sometimes a little hard for children to study, but with these resources, they might even like it.

Online Resources to Study During Vacation

Montessori Geometry

As the name implies, this application focuses on the teaching of geometry through the Montessori method. The presentation is clear, simple, and includes everything that children from ages 5 to 10 need.

Instead of covering dozens of confusing mathematical concepts, this methodology will teach you everything related to geometry in a concise and intuitive way. Why do you have to make an easy subject difficult?

AB Math Lite

Are you looking for a great resource to study math? You found it. This app has four levels of difficulty and three different sections: the practice section, exercises, and a game that adults and children will like.

AB Math Lite is aimed at students between 5 and 10 years old. With it, they can practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and divisions interactively. They’ll sometimes have to guess the results; other times, they’ll guess the type of operation based on the result!


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