Environmental Educational Activities for the Whole Family

Family is the main pillar in a child's education. Among other things, in the home, children must be made aware of the importance of caring for nature and the environment. Here are some family educational activities to teach them about the environment.
Environmental Educational Activities for the Whole Family

Last update: 09 October, 2020

Unfortunately, we’re slowly destroying our planet. To prevent this from escalating, it’s important to make every new generation aware of environmental problems. This is so that, from a very young age, children will learn to interact responsibly with their surroundings. Because of that, in this article, we’re going to recommend some environmental educational activities that you can carry out as a family.

Through these activities, the aim is for the youngest members of the family to acquire a series of environmental values and knowledge. The hope is that this will stay with them throughout their development, and that they’ll transmit it to others.

“Teaching how to look after the environment is teaching to value life.”

– Anonymous –

Family environmental educational activities

The environmental educational activities that we’re going to propose will involve carrying out simple activities on a daily basis. These include recycling materials, saving energy and water consumption, etc. By doing so, you can help reduce the serious deterioration and damage that human beings are causing to this planet. This damage affects animals, plants, and human health, among other things.

“The only way of improving the quality of the environment, is to involve everyone.”

– Richard Rogers –

Reuse of materials

This activity consists of reusing materials that you have at home. These are materials that you were going to throw away, and yet they can be given a second life and turned into ecological toys.

You just need a little imagination and some creativity. You can use material such as toilet roll middles, food containers, boxes, or cans and transform them into beautiful decorations for the room, puppets, cars, spaceships, or dolls houses. Use your imagination and create everything you can think of!

In this way, you promote the value of manual work. At the same time, children will learn the importance of making use of materials that you no longer needed.

Awareness of environmental pollution

In this activity, you need to search the internet for images. These images need to reflect the significant impact of the waste we produce every day and which ends up polluting nature.

After carefully observing these photographs, everyone in the family should give their opinions on it. You can then open up a debate that could be very enriching for everyone.

Through this activity, the children will become aware of the importance of reducing environmental pollution. It also ensures that the knowledge acquired by the children regarding this subject will stay in their minds in a vivid and lasting way.

Environmental Educational Activities for the Whole Family

Awareness of electricity consumption

In this activity, the children, together with their parents, have to analyze an electricity bill. This is a very interesting exercise for all family members. They will discover what their electricity consumption is and how it’s measured (lighting, heating, household appliances, etc.).

In this way, you’ll be able to change certain habits related to electricity consumption. Although you’ll save money in this area, the main motivation here is to do this for the good of the whole planet.

Talking about climate change

Finally, to teach our children about the environment, it’s essential to talk about climate change. This subject can be dealt with by means of the following activity.

What you need to do is look for before-and-after images of places that have been affected by climate change. After you’ve looked at them for a while, you can then comment on the differences between the two photographs.

From these two images, the family needs to invent a storyThey have to describe, in an original way, what could have happened in that place to bring about the terrible consequences you’ve observed. In this way the children will understand the importance of respecting nature and taking care of the environment a lot better.


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