4 Stories to Instill Trust in Children

Stories help your little one develop emotionally and intellectually. But can they instill trust in children? Find out below.
4 Stories to Instill Trust in Children

Last update: 30 October, 2019

Do you think that trust is a difficult issue to talk about with your children? If your children are young, it won’t be an easy topic to handle. However, it’s absolutely necessary for you to do so. Thus, you need to look for alternatives that allow you to help your child with either lack of or too much trust. One of the best choices are stories to instill trust for children.

Discover some of them below, as well as how they can benefit your children.

The value of trust in children

Addressing the issue of trust with children from a very young age allows you to educate them in other aspects more easily. It’s also important to teach them the value of self-confidence. In particular, it can be damaging to either lack or have too much self-confidence.

It’s important for children to learn to trust others because everyone learns from the relationships they build with others. They must also learn to trust their friends and relatives, since the foundation of any friendship is trust. This way, they’ll be good friends and build relationships of mutual cordiality.

4 Stories to Instill Trust in Children

4 stories to instill trust in children

In addition to the advantages we already mentioned, these kinds of stories allow children to better develop their vocabulary, as well as capabilities such as understanding and memory. For this reason, we recommend the following children’s stories.

1. The Bird that Couldn’t Fly

This wonderful tale aims to make children understand how they should act to gain other people’s trust. It tells the story of a motherless bird that lived in Cameroon and had to rely on his peers to discover who he was. He also learned to trust himself, which is why he could help his teammates when they struggled.

After reading it, it’s important for you to talk to your child about the attitudes of the animals in the story. Let your child speak freely and then make an emphasis on the animals’ mutual trust.

2. The Fox and the Crow

This tale tells the story of a sly, lying fox who deceives a crow. Telling your children this story shows them the great value of trust.

To complement the reading, ask your child questions such as: “Did you like the story?”, “What’s it about?”, or “Why did the crow tell the fox that she lost more than he did?” This way, your child will be able to better understand the story. Once your child answers, proceed to explain the meaning of mutual trust.

This story helps children see that trust between peers should be based on honesty. Also, that to get a common result, they must learn to trust other people, as well as gain other people’s trust.

3. Pincho y Boni (In English: Pincho and Boni)

This is one of the stories about trust that helps children feel more confident in their abilities. Basically, the story is about two twins who had different abilities. However, Pincho couldn’t deal with the fact that his brother was better than him at math. Later on, he realizes he’s very good at other things. Thus, he stops feeling envious and learns to trust his brother.

Stories to Instill Trust in Children

This story will teach your children that we all have different abilities, which is why they must rely on their own and know that they’re worthy.

4. Butterfly Ears

This story has been written especially to boost self-esteem and trust in others. In addition, it’s ideal for helping children cope with other people’s mockeries. It helps them learn to love themselves just as they are, so they can rely on their skills.

The story is about a girl who has to deal with her classmates’ mockeries. She turns things around with her imagination and optimism and shows that she trusts and believes in herself. It’s an essential children’s book.

Without any doubt, these stories to instill trust in children help parents talk to their children about this important issue. However, remember that your children need more than stories. Thus, you should lead by example. Show your children that you trust them and just how important it is for them to trust you.

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