The Christmas Spirit Goes Beyond Christmas

The essence of our soul yearns to recover true human relationships. The Christmas spirit is a reminder of this desire.
The Christmas Spirit Goes Beyond Christmas

Last update: 22 December, 2021

Christmas is over, and with it, the Christmas spirit. The lights that adorned the cities, the family gatherings around the table, the noise of children around the houses, and the magic of gifts are all gone. We go back to our daily routine, which we’ve longed for but, at the same time, we wish we could experience the joy of the holidays all year long. And with that in mind, we want to share with you some good news: The Christmas spirit goes beyond Christmas!

Christmas is currently a time of contrasts. For some people, it’s a time for celebration, togetherness, and warmth. This sincere longing is sweetened by the voracious consumerism to which we’ve been driven in our society.

And this excessive appreciation of material goods is precisely one of the reasons that lead another group of people to hate Christmas, due to the hypocrisy that exists during this season: The true meaning of Christmas coexisting with exacerbated consumerism.

The true Christmas spirit

And what’s the reason behind this strange juxtaposition? Venturing a bit to launch certain hypotheses in this regard, we dare to say that, every year, the Christmas spirit awakens the human desire to live in fraternity and cordiality.

Two hands touching with the sun shining in the background.

There are several spiritual beliefs that confirm that the coming of Jesus to this world was to remind us of the light that lives within us. That we can wake up and live according to the true human essence, with peace and kindness. The Magi recognized that truth and went to welcome the Messiah.

Spiritual traditions

Historically, there are doubts as to whether or not December 25th was the actual date that Jesus came into the world. There are several hypotheses that argue that the Christian religion chose this date because it coincided with other pagan dates on which the winter solstice was celebrated. For these cultures, it was time to start a new year, dedicating their celebrations to the new birth of the Sun King.

Be that as it may, it’s a moment of celebration of the coming of sunlight, of joy, of hope in a better world. And it’s precisely that longing that springs from the depths of our hearts that has come to be called the “Christmas spirit”.

Every Christmas, the human soul feels within itself the possibility of a new beginning. The hearts of people tremble at such a beautiful truth and throb at the illusion of the arrival of a new and better world.

However, the artificial reality that we’ve created, substituting our longings for peace with foods and gifts, is the cause of the internal disappointment that some people feel when Christmas arrives. The real meaning of this holiday has been distorted and manipulated, distancing us from our spiritual connection with the truth.

A man standing on a mountain with his hands in the air at sunrise.

Beyond Christmas

Another reason why some people distrust the truth that surrounds these holidays is that it bothers them that this atmosphere of joy and happiness is exclusive to Christmas. There are many who feel a certain hypocrisy in the idea of living in peace and harmony during the holiday season and, once that period of time has elapsed, taking out our shields and swords again as we go back to the daily grind.

What if the Christmas spirit turns out to make sense beyond Christmas? What if it was just a start? What if every Christmas was a new opportunity to reconnect with our true caring human essence?…

Every new year, the sun is reborn. Every new year, we can be reborn from our ashes. In fact, every day, the sunrise reminds us that we can be reborn. Each morning we can choose to be a pure manifestation of our true light.

It’s a daily, free, and internal choice. Every day, in every action that we perform, we have the enormous power to decide to do something good. Every gesture, every word, every intention is freely chosen. In every moment.

The human soul longs for the coming together, the union, the cordiality between all human beings. The Christmas spirit longs to go beyond Christmas and stay with us forever. It’s in our power to make this wish come true. What will you choose?

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