7 Phrases About Grandparents that Are Full of Love

The following phrases about grandparents will remind you of their incalculable value in the lives of their grandchildren. Keep reading!
7 Phrases About Grandparents that Are Full of Love
Elena Sanz Martín

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Parents are the primary attachment figures for children. But, fortunately, throughout their growth, they can also nurture other wonderful and meaningful family relationships. Among all of them, the one they have with their grandparents deserves a special mention, as special as that intergenerational bond full of love, illusion, and learning on both sides. Therefore, to honor the irreplaceable role that these figures play for infants, we want to show you some phrases about grandparents that will remind you of the incalculable value of their presence in the lives of your children.

If you were lucky enough to know your grandparents, you’ll surely remember with infinite affection and nostalgia the time you shared. In addition, it’s likely that, since becoming a mother, you’ve become aware of the support your parents provide in raising your children and the beautiful bond that has been forged between them.

Nothing is as comforting as seeing the love they have for each other, the complicity they share, and the way in which they enrich each other. And truly, grandparents play a wonderful role.

7 phrases about grandparents full of love

A grandmother baking with her grandkids.

1. “There are parents who don’t enjoy their children, but there is no grandparent who doesn’t adore their grandchildren”

Being a parent and being a grandparent are very different roles. The latter, free of pressures, demands, and responsibilities, offers the opportunity to genuinely enjoy and love a child.

Grandparents don’t feel the need to educate their grandchildren, judge their behavior, or correct them: that’s their parents’ job. For the same reason, they’re able to accept them fully and adore them in their purest essence, seeing them through loving lenses that seem to only let them see the good in these little ones.

2. “One of the joys of being a grandparent is to see the world again through the eyes of a child”

Any grandparent can say that the arrival of their grandchildren was an injection of energy, that their presence is stimulating, and that, in their company, they experience again the wonder of childhood. The grandchildren are the motor of the grandparents, a revitalizing breath of fresh air that makes them forget their age and remember previous stages full of innocence.

3. “The best place to be when you’re sad is your grandparent’s lap”

Where does a child go when their parents scold them, when they feel attacked or misunderstood? Where is their refuge when other adults deny their requests or when their scraped knees hurt after having fallen while playing? Grandparents are an inexhaustible source of love and comfort, always have their arms open to turn to and feel at home in.

4. “Grandparents are the grandchildren’s angels,” —one of the best quotes about grandparents

They prepare the most delicious meals, tell the best stories, and give the warmest hugs. They’re the first friendly face a child sees when nervously looking at the audience at the school performance and the omnipresent, kind shoulder to cry on when something goes wrong. Grandparents are true earthly angels.

5. “A grandparent is a parent who gets a second chance”

It’s paradoxical to see that man or woman who was a strict or unloving parent showers their grandchildren with compliments and praise, lets them do whatever they want, and even sits and plays with them on the carpet for hours. Having grandchildren means being given the wonderful opportunity to correct everything that one did not know how to do before, and now, with the experience of the years and a softened heart, one can finally give it to them.

Grandparents hiking with their grandchildren.

6. “No one can do for children what grandparents do: They sprinkle a kind of stardust over their lives”

With their gray hair, their wrinkled skin, and their desire to love their grandchildren, grandparents transform the lives of the little ones. There’s no greater adventure than listening to them talk about times gone by, sleeping next to them, or walking hand in hand; everything that involves them is full of magic.

7. “Grandparents should be eternal” –another of the best phrases about grandparents

The previous quotes about grandparents highlight that their value is incalculable and the void they leave with their absence is impossible to fill. Therefore, one of the great injustices of life is having to say goodbye to them; they see their grandchildren being born, and the grandchildren have to see them die. So, if your children have the immense fortune of having their grandparents, encourage them to treasure every moment they spend together.

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