I Didn't Know Love Until You Came Into My Life

I didn't know true love until you came into my life. You changed my way of seeing and feeling everything, of thinking and loving.
I Didn't Know Love Until You Came Into My Life

Last update: 15 March, 2022

All along, I thought I know what love was. But I was wrong. I didn’t know love until you came into my life. At least not in the way in which this love is born in the most natural and genuine way. An affection and admiration never before imagined, taken to truly unsuspected levels.

Until you came into my life, I didn’t know a love so pure, visceral, deep. The most sincere and unconditional love. The kind that knows no limits or boundaries. A love capable of giving everything without expecting anything in return. A feeling that filled me from the second you were born, always intact, in spite of all circumstances. Eternal and infinite.

I never understood the close relationship between love and the fullest happiness. You became the sun of my mornings and the melody of each of my afternoons. My light in every dark day, the air with the scent of life that I breathe every day.

You became my desire to keep achieving and to fight. The engine that pushes me forward. That little crutch that’s capable of keeping me on my feet every day. That little being who gave me the possibility of seeing once again the freshness of my childhood, from other eyes.

My little child, I look at you and I understand how wrong I was. Because if something is certain, it’s that you arrived to redefine my concepts of dedication, devotion, and sacrifice. To fill my home with joy. Basically, to let me know that I didn’t know love until you came into my life.

A painting of a mother snuggling with her baby.

My days, before you came into my life

Today, I can say that motherhood changed my life in a radical way. And it doesn’t matter if since you came into my life, my life is better or worse, simpler, or more complicated. You shaped me as a human being because you burst into that cold delivery room.

I knew I had more time and more friends until you came into my life. However, since then, I invested seconds, minutes, days, weeks, and months in the bank of love. I can affirm that I became a millionaire, with the only wealth that has true value. I earned a best friend for life, my prince or princess from an endless fairy tale.

Relaxation, memorable walks, and amazing trips marked my day-to-day life before I became a parent. I would choose to sleep or dance for nights on end until you came into my life. I knew no worries or dangers. However, today, I understand all of what I was missing out on before you came into my life.

Until you came into my life, I didn’t understand the value of a smile and the weight of a glance. I didn’t remember the innocence and tenderness lost in my sweet childhood. Not even when I met daddy did I feel that love could be so indestructible, eternal, and insurmountable.

To love with an intensity never seen before. Until you came into my life, I’d never been so important to anyone. Nor had I thought about how beautiful it could be to see you grow. To grow happily, happily, together. I understood that I could become the world for the most special person in my life.

When you arrived, I came to know the most wonderful love

A blonde white woman kissing her black son who she's carrying in a baby carrier.

When you decided to be part of this crazy world, I began to experience the most powerful, wonderful, and rewarding love. That of a mother, capable of moving mountains. So powerful that it achieves the impossible. I discovered the magic of the famous mother-child relationship, a bond that goes beyond blood. A close and incomparable bond.

I understood and saw up close that which is so often mentioned but so complex to explain: “The miracle of life“. That little being that makes my heart beat intensely is the one who used to move about inside me. You were part of my body and have come into the world with my heart in your hands.

You’ve burst into my life as the universal truth. You came to give me the most sacred title, mother, and you’re here to teach me as much as I teach you–even more! No matter how many years go by, I won’t lose my capacity for wonder and I’ll never cease to be amazed. Certainly, I didn’t know love until you came into my life, my little piece of heaven.

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