15 Fun Challenges to Do at Home With Kids

Not sure what to do to entertain your children at home? We'll give you a list of fun challenges for those times when you run out of ideas.
15 Fun Challenges to Do at Home With Kids
Mara Amor López

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Does Saturday come and you feel like you’re running out of ideas to entertain and amuse your children at home? Don’t worry, today we’re going to be giving you some ideas of fun challenges to do at home with your kids and have a great time.

There’ll be about sports, cooking, crafts, and even activities to put your skills to the test. Because they’re not only challenges for children, but they’re real challenges for the whole family! Are you ready to discover what they are?

The activities that we’re going to suggest in the following article, in addition to being fun, are also educational and will put everyone’s skills to the test. Also, they’re very simple to carry out at home and will soon become a frequent source of entertainment. Take note!

1. Dunk a ball into a cube

Take a small ball or a paper ball and a small cube, as this is going to be the challenge of this activity.

Place the cube at one end of the hall and take turns tossing the ball to see who manages to dunk it the most times in the container. Who will win?

2. Jumping on one foot

Establish a number of jumps to do with each leg: 8,10,12 or however many you want. Who will be able to complete the challenge without falling or putting down their other foot?

This isn’t as simple as it sounds as it’s more tiring than you think. Still, you’ll have a fun time and it will help everyone get a little exercise.

3. Run with your feet together

Establish a starting line and a finish line. Now, the question is to go from one point to the other while jumping, but all while keeping your two feet together. Adapt the distance to the physical condition and age of the child, thus avoiding injury.

Fun cooking challenges

If culinary arts is your thing, invite your children to participate in these delicious challenges.

Parents helping their daughter make pizza.

4. Trying dishes

Take turns sitting with your eyes covered with a blindfold to taste different foods and guess what they are. Whoever guesses the best will be the one who wins this fun challenge.

5. A challenge involving touch

This challenge is similar to the previous one, only that instead of tasting the food, you have to touch it and guess what it is.

6. Make a dessert

This challenge consists of cooking a delicious dessert together and then tasting it as a family. What are you waiting for?

Fun challenges that involve skill

If your children like ingenious games where the mind takes center stage, be sure to try the following fun challenges.

7. Word chains

This challenge is great for children who already know the alphabet and how to spell, as it serves as a review of their knowledge while having fun. This challenge requires you to concentrate, as one of you says a word and the next has to say another word that begins with the last letter or syllable of the previous one. The winner is the one who manages to say the most chained words.

8. Treasure hunt

This game can be a fun challenge for the whole family, but especially for the little ones in your house.

Here, parents have to help set up the game and leave clues around some spots around the house to guide the kids to the final treasure.

The clues can consist of a small mathematical or logical challenge, which provides them with the keys to advance to the next challenge.

The treasure can be something that children like a lot: A painting book, a chocolate bar, whatever we can think of.

9. The egg and the spoon

This challenge isn’t suitable for those who don’t want to make a mess around the house, as it consists of placing an egg on top of a soup spoon and holding the spoon with your mouth. Before starting, you have to make clear what the route will be and then start the race!

This is an activity that encourages balance and concentration so you don’t drop the egg.

10. Sort by colors

For this challenge, you’ll need beads or pompoms of different colors that are small in size. Also, a glass or bowl for each pompom color for each team.

Put the mixed colored pompoms or beads in a bowl and the objective will be for each team to sort them into their corresponding glasses. The one who manages to sort the most in one minute will be the winner.

11. String the noodle

For this challenge, you need a dry spaghetti noodle for each player and some dry penne pasta (or similar). The goal is for each player to take the spaghetti noodle with their mouth and try to stick it through as many pieces of penne as possible in one minute, all this without using their hands. Fun is more than guaranteed!

12. The paper ball race

The participants must be located at one end of the table and place as many paper balls as there are participating players. Each one takes a straw and has to blow to take their ball to the other end and the one who reaches the goal first wins.

Fun challenges with crafts

And now we’ve come to the fun challenges for those who love to create with their hands.

13. Make an origami jumping frog and race with it

Although at first glance, it may sound difficult to make an origami frog, it’s not at all. To do it, you can help yourself with a video tutorial on the internet, as they’re very simple to make.

Then, prepare them for a jump race. The frog that reaches the goal first will be the winner.

A child doing origami.

14. Paint a canvas

The whole family should take a small piece of paper or canvas to paint whatever comes to mind, with watercolor, paint, or markers. Here, you have to unleash your imagination. Afterward, your can exhibit each of the works and enjoy your art collection!

15. Origami

To carry out this activity, you need to adapt it to the child’s age and also provide help. The point is to promote concentration, which will be good for the whole family.

You can make little birds, paper boats, or airplanes. The choice of what to make is in your hands.

Conclusion regarding fun challenges to do at home with the kids

You already have some ideas for fun challenges so you can spend an entertaining afternoon with your children. Sometimes parents run out of options and this list is sure to be great to inspire you. Try them all, you’ll see how fun they are!

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