5 Fun Sleepover Games for Kids

If your child wants to have a sleepover, that's a great idea! In this article, we'll give you many ideas to spend an amazing night.
5 Fun Sleepover Games for Kids

Last update: 07 September, 2021

Do you remember how excited you were when you had your first sleepover? There’s no question about the fact that spending the night at a friend’s house is one of the most important things children can experience. Even though you know they’ll have fun, it’s true that children spend many hours together. This is why it’s very important to prepare sleepover games to entertain children and keep them busy. Keep reading to find many interesting and simple ideas children will definitely love.

Preparing sleepover games

First of all, children need to feel prepared to spend the night at another kid’s house. In fact, this is the moment when they prove themselves to be independent. They’ll be expecting to have a great time. Therefore, it’ll be your task to prepare a pleasant and safe environment.

This is why we recommend that you avoid having a big sleepover. It’ll be better to invite only a few friends so you can keep them under control more easily. At the same time, as soon as they arrive, it’ll be a good idea to explain your house rules to your guests. This way, you’ll avoid possible conflicts. You’ll be able to explain whether it’s ok to play with water, for example, and what will happen if of them has an accident, etc.

This could be the best way to let things flow. In addition, you can prepare games so they stay busy most of the time. Of course, they should have some free time to do what they want, too. So, you can alternate their free time with the games you prepare for them. Besides, these games could promote their creativity and sense of teamwork

Fun sleepover games

Children at sleepover.


1. Musical chairs

Musical chairs is a classic and fun game that children love. First of all, you have to place chairs in the form of a circle. However, there should be fewer chairs than children. Then, play a song they love and tell them to go around the chairs while the music is on. When you turn off the music, they should all sit down. The one that remains standing will be out of the game. You should repeat this activity, taking an additional chair out with each round, until there’s only one winner.

2. Ghost stories to keep you up all night

In order to do this, you could build a tent for them. In fact, you could use old sheets to do it. Then, turn the lights off and leave some small lights on so it’s not completely dark. You can also give them a flashlight they can pass around as they take turns telling ghost stories. You can be the one who tells the first story.

3. Sleepover and makeover

First, you should grab a box and put old clothes and accessories in it. Then, cover the children’s eyes and tell them they have 15 seconds to grab everything they can from the box. Let them see what they took and tell them to dress up and organize a parade.  

You can make the activity even better by giving them some makeup to wear. Put eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush on the table… Be careful and make sure they don’t leave stains all over the place. They’ll love to put on some makeup.

4. Scavenger hunt

Children love scavenger hunts. And, they’ll love them more if it’s dark and they can go around the whole house. Leave a dim light on and give them a flashlight to look for the clues. If you want to make it more fun, you can hide from them and scare them or surprise them. Remember to prepare an award for the winner.

Build a tent.

5. It’s not a sleepover if there’s no karaoke

If there’s no dancing or music, you can’t call it a party. Therefore, you can use YouTube to find songs and their lyrics. Try to choose the songs they like the most and organize a karaoke contest. To make it even more fun, you can make a jury and let everyone participate. They should be able to choose the songs they want to perform. This way, they’ll have a better time.

In conclusion, sleepover parties are a great idea for children. You can even make yours a theme party by decorating your house. Remember to prepare delicious food, such as sandwiches. Let your imagination run wild!

Having children at home can be an amazing experience. However, you should be in total control of the situation. And, remember to offer them a safe and fun environment.

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