7 Activities to Entertain Children on a Rainy Sunday

A rainy Sunday can be a nightmare for kids, but there are plenty of activities you can do to have fun at home. Keep reading!
7 Activities to Entertain Children on a Rainy Sunday

Last update: 16 December, 2022

A rainy Sunday can be a real bummer for kids. When the weather’s bad, outdoor plans are canceled. For example, going out on a bike ride becomes a bit dangerous, as can going to the playground. Therefore, entertainment activities are significantly reduced. Or so we think…

If you decide to stay at home and do absolutely nothing, the day becomes very long, both for parents and children. The day becomes tedious and encourages conflicts at home. But what alternatives are there to entertain little ones without resorting to screens? We’ll tell you about them here.

What to do on a rainy Sunday with the kids

Bad weather? No problem! Here are some activities to keep the kids entertained on a rainy Sunday.

1. Play board games

Board games like Pictionary or Scrabble, puzzles, or dice games tend to amuse little ones at home. In addition, through them, kids obtain significant benefits for their development, as they work on their concentration and frustration tolerance while enhancing their cognitive development by making logical deductions.

2. Cooking

The kitchen is a space for discovery. There, children can have fun among the textures, colors, and smells of food, in addition to learning to follow the instructions of a recipe. There are many fun and simple options you can do with them! You can also have them create beautiful shapes with pizza dough or make chocolate chip cookies into a real work of art.

From a psychological point of view, food-related activities promote the development of autonomy and a sense of responsibility. Children often take pride in doing small tasks in the kitchen, as they realize that they’re capable of doing many things.

A mother reading to her toddler dauhter.
Reading is a classic rainy Sunday activity. Plus, in general, kids love to read or hear fascinating stories.

3. Read stories

Is there anything better than reading on a rainy Sunday? The lack of sun, the noise of the storm, and the cold are elements that enhance the desire to immerse oneself in captivating stories. If your little ones don’t know how to read yet, you can ask them to choose a book and you can tell them about it.

Don’t worry if you notice that children aren’t able to sustain their attention for a considerable period of time. It’s normal for them to lose their concentration or get bored after a while of reading. Don’t force them to continue the activity if they’re already getting annoyed. In this regard, it’s important that they enjoy the moment and don’t perceive it as an obligation.

4. Visit a museum

Staying at home because it’s raining isn’t mandatory. Movies, museums, musical shows, and plays are excellent options for children to enjoy a on rainy Sunday. Your city probably offers a wide range of indoor entertainment activities. So grab a coat, rain boots, and an umbrella, and outside!

5. Make crafts

Crafts are an interesting alternative for children during a rainy Sunday. In the artistic world, there’s something for everyone: Crafts can be made with clay, balloons, cardboard, different types of paper, and even egg cartons. Any material suitable for children works as a potential work of art. It’s valuable to let their imagination fly and, regardless of the result, encourage children to enjoy creating with their own hands.

Children playing make believe.
Pretending to be a knight, a witch, a ballerina, a pirate, a teacher, a mom, or a dad involves imagining being someone different from themselves for a moment, which is very important for children’s development.

6. Dressing up and creating a play

Through costumes and the representation of other characters, children complexify their symbolic play, which is fundamental for their healthy development. This is fundamental for their healthy development. Generally, children have a lot of fun pretending to be different characters. On the other hand, adults sometimes find it difficult to include themselves in children’s games. However, with some accessories such as masks and hats, enjoyment is guaranteed. Don’t be shy!

7. Dance and sing

Movement is essential for children and music is a great ally. Therefore, a simple rainy Sunday can be transformed into a beautiful afternoon with the family. All you need is a microphone, a bottle, or a hairbrush for your little ones to take on the role of artists and put on a spectacular concert. They can also do karaoke and have a competition!

A rainy Sunday can become a great day for children

It’s true that the impossibility of doing outdoor activities often leads to annoyance, discomfort, or boredom in children. Just like us, they watch the raindrops fall out the window and wish the sun would come out soon. However, there are many games and activities that don’t require the presence of good weather. After all, fun isn’t canceled just because of bad weather! Or at least this shouldn’t be a hindrance when it comes to having a good time with the family.

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