UglyDolls: A Film About Acceptance and Diversity

UglyDolls is a wonderful film full of teachings that your children can't miss. Find out what they are below!
UglyDolls: A Film About Acceptance and Diversity

Last update: 30 September, 2020

Are you looking for a film that promotes values such as respect and acceptance of diversity? If so, we recommend UglyDolls, a feature-length children’s animation film starring adorably imperfect dolls.

Throughout this story, your little ones will lose the fear of being different and will learn that each person is unique, with their virtues and flaws. This is also beneficial and enriching for their development within society.

“I always thought that being different was bad. We’re all different, but there is a kind of fear in society to be so.”

– Johnny Depp –

UglyDolls Plot

The story takes place in a fantasy world, inhabited by dolls, where there are two clearly differentiated cities. The first is the Institute of Perfection, where the dolls who have no factory defect live. However, they feel great pressure to prepare for and pass various tests to become the “perfect toy” every child wants.

UglyDolls: A Film About Acceptance and Diversity
© STX Family, Alibaba Pictures, Huaxia Film Distribution, Troublemaker Studios, MWM Studios, Reel FX Animation Studios, Original Force

The other is called Uglyville, a city full of happiness, joy, and freedom, where the dolls considered as rare, strange, and even “ugly” live.

These two places had never mixed together until Moxy, the protagonist of the film, discovers the “perfect” place and decides to start an incredible adventure with her friends with the aim of showing that kindness is worth more than beauty.

“Nothing, nor can anyone attenuate the light that shines within us.”

– Maya Angelou –

A film about acceptance and diversity

The plot of UglyDolls invites big and small people to reflect on the importance of respecting all people, regardless of their individual characteristics or their special needs.

It’s a question of understanding diversity as a valuable and positive thing to care for rather than trying to destroy, as many claim to do, like the villain of the story. This is the only way to live together in harmony and advance as a society.

If everyone were exactly the same, with the same tastes, hobbies, thoughts, abilities, etc., life would be very monotonous and boring, and would have no interest whatsoever. However, the differences that exist between people are what make everything fill with color, fun, and entertainment, as in UglyDolls.

UglyDolls: A Film About Acceptance and Diversity
© STX Family, Alibaba Pictures, Huaxia Film Distribution, Troublemaker Studios, MWM Studios, Reel FX Animation Studios, Original Force

But this animated feature not only conveys a message of acceptance and respect for others but also for yourself. This makes it an ideal film to work and boost the self-esteem of young children.

After watching it, children will understand that no one is perfect and that all people have different qualities that make them incredible. In addition, they’ll learn to value themselves and to be courageous to show themselves to others as they really are.

“Wanting to be another person is wasting the person you are.”

– Marilyn Monroe –

Fun, entertainment, and learning with UglyDolls

It’s clear that this is a great animation film because it’s fun and entertaining. It also transmits a beautiful message that all children must learn from a young age. This way, they’ll grow up happy knowing that you don’t need to be perfect to have a full and happy life.

Finally, we recommend this wonderful and heartwarming film full of action and music, and, above all, because it promotes acceptance and diversity, as well as inclusion and respecting those that are different.

What are you waiting for to see UglyDolls with your children? Enjoy and learn with the adventures of these extraordinarily “ugly” dolls!


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