7 Classic "El Barco de Vapor" Books

If you want to relive the books you read as a child and teach them to your children, here we'll share some classic El Barco de Vapor books.
7 Classic "El Barco de Vapor" Books

Last update: 10 February, 2020

El Barco de Vapor books comprise an editorial collection of children’s books published by Editorial SM 40 years ago. This collection is recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Since it was the first specific children’s literature collection created in Spain, it began to be used in all schools. Nowadays, it’s still used due to its variety and the great titles it contains in a collection that’s becoming bigger and bigger every day.

Since these are great books you should read with your children or students, below we’ll share the most classic books from this collection.

Classic books with the El Barco de Vapor Award

1. End of the World by Laura Gallego

Laura Gallego, a beloved children’s writer, became famous with End of the World, recommended for young people over 12, as it contains some complex themes.

A tale of adventure and intrigue that was awarded the El Barco de Vapor Award in 1998 and which many people have read in the classroom.

2. Brother Perico and His Donkey by Juan Munoz Martin

One of the funniest books for children eight and up due to how easy it is to read. It tells the story of a friar and his donkey.

Juan Muñoz Martin won the El Barco de Vapor Award in 1979 for this book due to the fun adventures of its main character when it arrives at a monastery in Salamanca, where it’ll revolutionize all the friars.

7 Classic "El Barco de Vapor" Books
Source: www.rtve.es

3. The Troublemaker by Consuelo Armijo

One of the classic books from this collection is The Troublemaker. Author Consuelo Armijo wrote a funny story with which she wanted to transmit the resolution of all disputes in a completely peaceful way and promoting dialogue.

Curiously, this title was the first to win the El Barco de Vapor Award, which we mentioned in previous books, in 1978.

Other classic El Barco de Vapor books

4. Dear Susi, Dear Paul by Christine Nostlinger

Recommended for children ages seven and up, this story is told in the form of letters between two friends who have to separate because one of them moves out of the city. It shows children the importance of friendship and the hard time even children have with changes and new adaptations.

5. Tick the Pirate by Juan Munoz Martin

Children always love pirate books. Thus, we’re sure they’ll definitely love this story of Tick, the main character. This book is one of the Editorial SM best-sellers due to its fun adventures.

Due to its great success, the editorial decided to publish four more Tick the Pirate books.

7 Classic "El Barco de Vapor" Books
Source: www.librosyliteratura.es

6. A Striped Elf by María Puncel

Another classic El Barco de Vapor book that tells the story of an elf with a multitude of colors and stripes. This amazing book instills a lot of values in children.

Throughout this story, the elf gets to know many aspects of himself that he was unaware of, as well as getting to know other people better.

7. De profesión, fantasma (In English: Profession, Ghost) by Hubert Monteilhet

A fun, mysterious, and thrilling story recommended for children eight and up that tells the story of John, a child who has an adventure inside a castle.

Although funny, the story is also a cautionary tale about the importance of overcoming the roadblocks and difficulties that life throws at you at any time.

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