Movies that Teach Children About Love for Animals

Love for animals is one of the most important values ​​we should teach our children. These movies help children learn about it while they have fun at the same time. 
Movies that Teach Children About Love for Animals
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Childhood is one of the best stages of life to learn about and to acquire values. This is because children are like sponges and absorb everything they learn from the experiences they live through. Teaching children about love for animals will make them more empathetic and caring people.

Transmitting values ​​shouldn’t be an overly onerous task, nor should it be taught in a boring or formal way. Children are able to learn from anything that goes on around them. Because of this, the simple fact of watching you treat animals with love and respect will make them want to imitate you.

But, in addition to this, certain recreational activities can help us in this mission. Watching family movies is one of our children’s favorite pastimes, and having their parents’ attention while they watch these wonderful stories makes them really happy.

And what better way than to learn and have fun at the same time?

Why is love for animals important?

Animals are living beings. They have needs and feelings just like us and, because of this simple fact, we must respect and care for them. They aren’t objects, nor are they toys. We have to learn that they’re living creatures that deserve to be treated with dignity.

They teach us about unconditional love. If we allow ourselves to get to know them, animals will show us what loyalty, friendship, and affection truly mean. They have pure, simple feelings and don’t hold grudges.

They help us to become emotionally balanced. Spending time with animals has the power to help us get rid of our harmful, negative emotions. Whether you feel sad or feel afraid, simply being with them will change your mood and help you feel more positive.

Movie that Teach Children About Love for Animals

Movies that teach love for animals

Now that you know all about the great benefits of loving and sharing life with animals, let’s look at some of the best movies to teach little ones about love for our furry friends.

Marley and me

In this movie, a young couple decides to get a puppy, Marley, before taking the step of becoming parents. Before they realize it, the puppy will have turned into a 90-pound dog that will make their lives completely crazy.

Marley accompanies them through every stage of their lives and fills the whole family environment with non-stop love and fun.


This Disney classic tells the story of an orphan boy who is found and adopted by a gorilla after being abandoned in the jungle. He grows up happily with all the animals, until an expedition of explorers reaches the jungle.

From then on, Tarzan discovers who he really is. He’ll eventually have to decide what world he wants to live in.

This movie shows how cruelty and human greed can harm animals, while kindness and respect can save their lives.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This touching movie is based on the true story of a university professor who decides to adopt an abandoned dog. It’s a story about unconditional love and faithfulness. It teaches us that whoever really loves us will always look out for us and wait for us.


Ferdinand is a kind, good-natured bull whom other bulls ridicule for not being aggressive. After being adopted by a kind man and his daughter, Nina, Ferdinand is destined to be caught again by his captors.

They’ll then try to sell him to a bullfighter. In the movie, Ferdinand will stop at nothing just to be able to be with Nina again.

Movie that Teach Children About Love for Animals

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This story shows us both the kindest and cruelest side to human beings, and teaches us to respect life above our traditions, in this case the bull-fighting in Spain.

Other movies that teach love for animals

A Dog’s Way Home

After being abruptly and unfairly separated from her owner Lucas, Bella the dog escapes and tries to find him. The road won’t be easy, because he’ll have to travel 400 miles and overcome innumerable obstacles.

However, the love he feels for Lucas will give him the strength to never give up until he finds him again.


Both Disney’s original and Tim Burton’s recent adaptation are a clear example of how circuses treat animals. Through Dumbo’s suffering – after being separated from his mother and used to raise money – we learn that no entertainment is valid if it involves harming other living beings.

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