6 Children's Books About Dinosaurs

Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs. Keep your children motivated and spark their curiosity with our list of 6 children's books about dinosaurs.
6 Children's Books About Dinosaurs

Last update: 04 September, 2019

Little kids love dinosaurs. Their strength, greatness and beauty captivate children of all ages, so you could use this interest and encourage them to learn and read about them. Here, you’ll find six children’s books about dinosaurs that kids will definitely love.

Children’s books about dinosaurs are very popular because children just love dinosaurs. Television shows and movies encourage their fascination for these creatures.

Kids are impressed by the immense size of dinosaurs, their very long and exotic names, and how different they look. Children can even become experts in dinosaurs. Read on to discover six children’s books about dinosaurs and try to get one for your little ones.

6 Children's Books About Dinosaurs

6 Children’s books about dinosaurs

1. Mi Primer Libro de Dinosaurios (My First Book about Dinosaurs), illustrated by Dawn Bishop

The very first book in our list is great for the little ones because it lets them discover dinosaurs through touch and textures. It has many drawings that can stimulate a baby’s visual development thanks to textured images and elements. Besides, this book shows a dinosaur per page and they can learn its name too.

2. Flip-O-Saurus, by Sara Ball

The second book in the list is a fan-favorite because it’s unlike other books about dinosaurs. Among many things, it lets kids really get into the world of dinosaurs. This book contains accurate and very interesting information about dinosaurs.

What makes this book so special is that its pages are divided into three parts: head, body, and tail. So, besides learning about each and every dinosaur that existed, children can create their own dinosaurs by changing and blending all of the books’ different pages.

3. Amazing Giant Dinosaurs, by Marie Greenwood

Amazing Giant Dinosaurs has centerfolds with very thorough information about each of the dinosaurs and their habitats. This 15-page book has 7 incredible and very colorful illustrations. They’re also very realistic.

This book is for children aged 5 to 8 years old. With a little help from you, they can learn a lot about each of the seven dinosaurs in it. It’s very well-made and it also has a lot of information about dinosaurs’ habitats, what they ate, and how big they were.

6 Children's Books About Dinosaurs

4. Dinosaur World, by Maurice Pledger

The fourth book in our list has 150 stickers and lets children create their own scenes. This children’s book about dinosaurs has very detailed information about how several dinosaurs lived. Kids love stickers and they’ll surely enjoy this book!

“Kids are impressed by how big dinosaurs were, their very long and exotic names, and how different they look.”

5. Los Dinosaurios (The Dinosaurs), by Delphine Badreddine and Donald Grant

A perfect book for children over 4 years old. It’s similar to an encyclopedia, but for children, and it contains all of the information they need to discover the amazing world of dinosaurs.

Here, children can find out what the bigger dinosaurs looked like, how they lived, and why and how they disappeared. Also, it includes a flashlight so children can discover hidden details in many of its pages. So, pick that magical lantern and start investigating!

6. Stegosaurus: The Plated Dinosaur, by Gary Jeffrey

A book for children between 7 and 10 years old, tells the story of a stegosaurus that’s attacked by a very mean and menacing dinosaur. Here, they’ll read exciting stories that explain how our heroes avoid getting eaten.

6 Children's Books About Dinosaurs

In short, these stories let children know how dinosaurs lived and also detail the many fascinating features of each species. Look into this list of children’s books about dinosaurs and choose your favorite one. Spend some quality reading time with your child. What are you waiting for?


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