5 Great Books About Superheroes

Superheroes' powers and strength really capture children's imagination, and they easily become their favorite characters. Check out these books about superheroes.
5 Great Books About Superheroes

Last update: 07 August, 2020

Ever since superheroes were created, every child has had one or more to look up to. And, we’re sure that you too will remember your favorite one from childhood, and maybe you still like them! Check out these great books about superheroes that we’re bringing you today.

The ability to save the world with their incredible powers is one of the aspects that children find most appealing in these characters. However, they’re also ideal characters to teach values such as courage, power, friendship or love, which are always included in their stories to a greater or lesser degree.

Using these characters to encourage a love of reading is a great plan! Children will be enjoying reading at the same time as they identify with the characters and the story being told.

For this reason, today we’re going to give you a selection of books on superheroes. Your children will love them because of their subject matter. You’ll be able to spend some great family time together with them.

Books about superheroes

1. LEGO DC Superheroes Character Encyclopedia

Children don’t only love the main characters in these stories, but they’re also familiar with all the other characters that appear in the films. This is why your little superhero fan will love this fantastic encyclopedia created by Lego. Why? Because it brings together a whole host of characters from the world of DC Comics.

Besides getting to know fascinating and informative facts about the main characters such as Batman, Superman, or the Joker, they’ll also have access to other more specific data about their accessories, their vehicles, and anything else related to them.

For children who love books about superheroes, this is a real treasure that you can enjoy page by page without missing a single detail.

2. Superhero instruction manual

With a fantastic touch of humor, your children will get to know everything they need to do in the case that they should adopt a superhero. As well as the great humor in the text, the illustrations are also really funny, and you’ll have a great time as a family looking at every detail in them.

Throughout the book, the author will give you 10 instructions on how to raise and look after a “strong and beautiful” superhero. This is a totally different book about superheroes and we thoroughly recommend it because of the fun you’ll have reading it.

3. Do Superheroes Have Teddy Bears?

We totally recommend this book for children who are starting to learn to read, as on each page there’s only one line of text in large print.

The importance of this story lies in its illustrations, but also in its background. The main characters are also superheroes, but not the kind that children are used to seeing; these superheroes are two young brothers.

In this book, the author has set out to show that all children have a superhero within them who is always willing to help and save others with their powers and courage.

Each double page consists of a question on the left-hand side and an answer on the right. It’s an ideal book to instill confidence and self-esteem into our little ones, and show them that they’re capable of anything, just like superheroes.

4. The Big Book of Superpowers

Susanna Isern, one of the best-known authors of children’s literature, has published this fantastic book, which is a compilation of the different superpowers that children can have.

Every child has a superpower, just like the superheroes do. It’s a fantastic picture book, a good size, and with very detailed illustrations that will capture a child’s attention.

All in all, it’s a very good tool to help children to look inside themselves, to help their self-esteem, and to get to know what they like doing.

Each of the stories in the book shows a child’s superpowers. With Matthew it’s reading, Lucia’s is humor, and Elena’s storytelling. Once you’ve finished reading the book with your child, then together you have to see what their superpowers are.

5. The 100 Essential Marvel Superheroes

Within the world of Disney, Marvel’s superheroes are some of the best-known and most important characters. That’s why this encyclopedia about the 100 most important Marvel characters will amaze young and old alike with the amount of information and facts about each of the characters, as well as fantastic illustrations in full color.


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