Children's Books to Give for Christmas

This December, the best gift you can give to children for Christmas is the gift of reading. With that in mind, we want to tell you about some of our favorite books.
Children's Books to Give for Christmas

Last update: 26 November, 2020

Christmas is a time of the year that’s full of excitement, magic and, sometimes, many gifts for little ones. Although most of these gifts are usually toys, there are other types of gifts that you can give to children for Christmas that they’ll also love. And now that Christmas is just around the corner, we want to leave you with a selection of children’s books to give to the little ones in your life.

Remember that, when you give a book, you’re also giving culture, enrichment, and fun. What’s more, you’re also giving children the possibility of sharing many experiences and conversations around the book.

Children’s books to give for Christmas

A personalized book

Although we’ve already talked about this type of book, we don’t want to pass up the opportunity to include them in this selection. A personalized book will delight your little ones. That’s because they’ll see themselves as the main characters of a fantastic story with their photograph, name and characteristics.

Children's Books to Give for Christmas

With this option, you can choose the type of story you want to include in the book according to the child’s tastes. We assure you that they’ll love this gift and will keep it as a treasure throughout their childhood, and also throughout their life. After all, not everyone can be the main character of a wonderful story.

The Three Robbers, an excellent option to give to children for Christmas

This illustrated album is totally atypical when it comes to children’s books. The main characters will enchant the youngest members of your family because they’re three very bad bandits who are continuously causing danger and very exciting adventures.

However, the life of the three robbers changes completely when they decide to take in a little orphan girl from a carriage and start taking care of her.

We recommended this story for children ages four and older, who will fall in love with the attractive illustrations. In addition, it’s a fantastic story for sparking a conversation and reflection on important values and decisions.

Prejudices, fear of strangers, and adoption are some of the topics that you’ll be able to talk about once you finish the story.

The Brief Thief

Enjoying reading is the primary goal of children’s books. That’s why we think it’s essential to include a book related to humor and smiles. And there’s no better title for this than The Brief Thief, a book recommended for children over five or six years old.

Children's Books to Give for Christmas

In this story, the main character is an animal, a feature that children love. What’s more, the book is also extremely funny, so it will capture little ones’ attention as soon as they start reading it.

Besides the main character, children will also love the fact that the book talks about scatological subjects in such a funny way. Therefore, we assure you that this book will become one of their favorites.

Classic titles never fail

For older children from eight years old and up, we recommend choosing a classic of children’s literature. The little vampire, Geronimo Stilton, or any of the books by author Roald Dahl are among our recommendations. Of course, keep in mind that, at this age, children begin to choose books according to their tastes and interests.

Harry Potter, a sure hit of children’s books to give at Christmas

Finally, for young people from 11 years old and up, we recommend another essential classic of children’s literature. Of course, we’re talking about the Harry Potter saga.

The magic, the adventures, and the speed of their dialogues will make children engage in their reading in a fascinating way. The success of these books and movies makes it clear that they’re readings that every child should read at some point.


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