3 Great Children's Stories About Dogs

One of the best ways to teach your children is through stories. There are lots of great children's stories about dogs that have great lessons to teach your kids.
3 Great Children's Stories About Dogs

Last update: 21 September, 2020

Reading children’s stories about dogs are a great way to entertain your kids. In addition to enjoying the story itself, children learn lots of lessons from these tales. On the other hand, you already know the strong bond children have with their pets. Without a doubt, dogs are many children’s favorite.

Online, you can find stories that have beloved pets as the protagonists. Man’s best friend is the favorite pet for many families. Their personalities and behavior have been the inspiration for lots of impactful children’s stories.

Next, we’ll show you several stories for children with dogs that we recommend for your family. They all explore different emotions to learn about them.

3 Great children’s stories about dogs

The Stable Dog

All living things on this planet are necessary. That is the lesson that this story holds, written by Patricia Gallegos Tejada from Peru.

This story takes place on a farm. It tells the story of 30 cows that are run by a shepherd dog called Tarzan. After some time, it starts getting harder to get along.

The dog’s job is to drive them to graze every day. However, the cows start to make fun of that job and saying they can do it by themselves. Tarzan hears these comments and gets very sadThen, he decides to leave in order to find other animals to help.

Without a shepherd, the cows stop going for walks and eating good grass. As a result, they lose weight, get bored, and in the end, get very sad.

A goldfinch that lives nearby hears his cries and goes in search of Tarzan, who is alone and upset. When the bird assures him that the cows miss him and gives value to the work he did, he goes back home to the cows.

3 Great Children's Stories About Dogs

Children’s stories about dogs: Simon and his flea

This is another example of children’s stories about dogs, and this dog is very smart. It was written by Antonio de Benito. This story teaches kids that they shouldn’t make fun of other people. It highlights the value of friendship and the hope of achieving a better life. Ultimately, this happens thanks to the friendship of two beings.

The story tells about the friendship between Simon, a dog without an owner, and a flea that lives in his fur. He knows how to play the harmonica, but the flea makes fun of him for it. The dog, on the other hand, is very good and optimistic.

One day, the flea falls into the barn where Simon sleeps and gets lost. Then, Simon plays a melody on the harmonica so she can find him again. When he finds her, the flea starts to dance with joy.

At that time, not only are the two friends reunited, but the dog also thinks they can make a show with their talents. After working hard and becoming successful, they buy a house where they can finally live happily ever after.

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney –

Welcome home, Max

The Affinity Foundation offers this beautifully illustrated text completely free of charge. It’s about the responsibility that pet owners must take. In addition, this story aims to raise awareness about abandoned animals, which is common and very sad.

“Welcome home, Max” tells the story of Ana and her father who go to a shelter with the intention of adopting a dog. They want a small one, due to the size of their home. The manager of the shelter offers them Max, a very lively and energetic dog.

3 Great Children's Stories About Dogs

The adoption process is successful, and Ana and her father go home with their brand new puppy. They took all of the recommendations to give the animal an optimal treatment, thus guaranteeing the quality of life he deserves.

This story is great to introduce the elements that you need to consider when living with a dog, such as where the microchip is in case he gets lost, veterinarian visits, taking care of his health, the vaccination card, travel, supplements, going for walks every day, and much more.

As you may have noticed, educating through literature is one of the most effective teaching strategies. With these children’s stories about dogs, kids will start to love reading. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to share fun moments together as a family.


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