Dragon Books for Children

Dragons are very striking to children. Thus, we're sure your children will love these dragon books. Read this article to discover them!
Dragon Books for Children

Last update: 08 June, 2020

Today, we bring you a compilation of dragon books for children that will allow your children to let their imagination fly.

Dragons are mythological creatures that children love due to their large size and their ability to fly and breathe fire through their mouths. The authors of children’s literature are aware that children love them, which is why dragons have been the main characters of children’s stories for many years.

Dragon books for children

1. Dragonland by Raquel Garcia

A magnificent book recommended for children ages four and up that will equally entertain and fascinate them. In its pages, your child will discover stories of different dragons that stand out for having special characteristics. A dragon that rides a bicycle or another that laughs at the knight it must fight are some of these examples.

2. Eragon by Christopher Paolini

This book is part of one of the most famous sagas in the history of children’s and youth literature. Despite the fact that it’s recommended for children ages ten and up, it can be read by both young adolescents and adults due to the fantasy and complexity of the story.

Eragon is the young main character who discovers a dragon egg while hunting gems. From that moment on, he decides to take care of it. However, he becomes involved in a series of adventures when the evil character of the story becomes aware of the dragon’s existence, whom he believed to be extinct. A fascinating saga for lovers of fantasy literature and dragons.

Dragon Books for Children

3. Never Touch a Dragon by Rosie Greening

This book allows very young children to discover dragons. More specifically, this interactive book is recommended for babies and very young children, from zero to three years old. As it’s for very young children, the goal of the book is to improve the child’s sensory and intellectual development through its different textures and interactions.

4. The Red Dragon by Max Velthuijs

A story about coexistence and respect that features a very different dragon from the stereotype that people have of these creatures. Although ferocity is the main characteristic of dragons, the protagonist of this story is a peaceful, calm, and very good dragon.

The plot focuses on the arrival of a stranger in a community where everyone knows each other. This story invites children to reflect on the values ​​described above.

5. Saint George and the Dragon by María Machado, one of the dragon books for children

Knowing legends and stories enriches children’s culture. For this reason, several children’s books tell the story of Saint George. This book teaches children this fantastic legend in pop-up format.

6. Hugo and the Night Dragon by Gema Sirvent

Hugo, the main character of the story, falls asleep next to a mysterious door. When he wakes up, a series of adventures begin that lead him to meet Sori, a dragon in charge of distributing dreams to children in the city.

In this fantastic illustrated album, its format, illustrations and, above all, colors, will fascinate both adults and children.

Dragon Books for Children

Due to the plot of the story, it’s a good alternative to use as a bedtime book and also as a book to avoid the fear of the dark in children from ages seven and up.

7. The Lonely Dragon: A Collection of 30 Read Aloud Stories for Kids: Volume 1 by Lance O. Redding

Like the previous title, this is an excellent bedtime book. As it contains 30 totally different stories, you can read a different one each night.

The structure of the book is similar in all of the stories: short but very funny texts with illustrations that complement it in a perfect way.

In each of these stories, your children will meet different dragons who stand out for having special abilities. Again, it’s a book that seeks to break down the stereotypes people have of these creatures by showing another side to them.

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