Discover the Usborne "Look Inside" Book Collection

Play and exploration are the best ways for children to learn. Fortunately, Usborne has created a beautiful collection of books that allow little ones to do just that. Discover the "Look Inside" books today.
Discover the Usborne "Look Inside" Book Collection

Last update: 25 February, 2020

Today, we want to look specifically at a collection of books from Usborne Publishing. The “Look Inside” book collection will meet and exceed the expectations of both children and parents. Keep reading to find out more.

One of the aspects that children’s literature most encourages in children is curiosity. The plots in their stories, the elements that their pages contain, the characters that appear… All of this encourages children to keep reading.

There are some basic characteristics that are present in all children’s books. However, there are books – and even book collections – that go even further to maximize a child’s curiosity and learning.

Usborne’s “Look Inside” books for the most curious children

As we’ve said, Usborne Publishers, a publisher that specializes in the world of children’s literature, has created a fantastic must-have collection. Their “Look Inside” collection consists of many different titles that are perfect from children ages 4 or 5 and up. More precisely, the collection includes 26 different books, each with a different theme.

Discover the Usborne "Look Inside" Book Collection

The structure of “Look Inside” books 

Every title in this collection has a similar structure as they all share the same objective. That is, for children to learn and, at the same time, have fun while reading children’s books.

As we’ve stated above, each one of these books has a different theme that will attract children’s interest. Therefore, children will learn more about the theme at hand. Foods, animals, how hospitals work, how computers work… these are just some of the topics that you can find in this collection.

To encourage curiosity in children and, at the same time, create a much more attractive and fun dynamic, much of the information included in these books is hidden under flaps and windows that children must open to discover.

These book-games encourage not only curiosity but also concentration and attentionThey’re full of illustrations with numerous details, making them a wonderful learning tool.

What themes appear in this book collection? 

The idea behind this collection of Usborne books is two-fold. One the one hand, the books aim to reinforce knowledge that children learn in the classroom. At the same time, their pages offer new complementary information as well. Therefore, the themes that the books address are interesting and varied, so that children can choose whatever titles catch their attention.

Besides the topics we mentioned above, there are also fantastic titles that deal with the human body, outer space, and the stone age. There’s even one that teaches all about poop – a great companion when children are learning to use the bathroom!

Below, we’ll leave you with a small selection of our favorite “Look Inside” books. Of course, you can find the complete list of titles on the publisher’s website.

Look Inside Our World

This title is considered an introduction to geography, an essential subject when it comes to a child’s education. Therefore, the pages of this book will allow young learners to distinguish between warm and frozen areas of our planet.

Kids will also learn about the different creatures that inhabit the different parts of our world. What’s more, the book includes a map that’s full of flaps that include information about each continent.

Discover the Usborne "Look Inside" Book Collection

Look Inside How Things Work

Just as the previous book introduces children to geography, How Things Work introduces them to engineering. Completely adapted to young readers, this book is a great option for curious kids. It shows them how a great variety of historical inventions work… From washing machines to firetrucks… even submarines!

Look Inside The Stone Age

The evolution of our planet is one of the subjects that children get the most excited about. However, for children who aren’t particularly interested, this subject can become quite tiresome.

This book is a great tool, no matter what group your child falls into. It offers a simple interactive format that will motivate any child to take an interest in the history of planet earth.

The Stone Age is an essential part of our world’s history. This book, in particular, introduces children to the life of prehistoric peoples, the way they made their own tools, and much more.

See Inside Pirate Ships

In addition to titles that offer cultural enrichment, there are also options dedicated to offering plain and simple fun. Pirates are among the characters that capture children’s interest the most. That’s why Usborne Publishers has published this book about their ships with all sorts of fascinating information hiding behind its flaps.

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