The Best Children's Atlases

Children's atlases are a great way for children to learn by discovering new things. Read on to discover some of the best ones!
The Best Children's Atlases

Last update: 08 January, 2020

Children’s atlases never get old and are still popular among little ones today. This is because they allow children to find and discover hundreds of things that were completely unknown to them.

Children’s literature was created with the goal of ensuring that children enjoy stories, have the curiosity to discover new worlds, and foster their imagination through reading.

Over time, these stories have evolved towards the topics that children are demanding the most. However, there are certain types of books that, no matter how many years pass, still attract a lot of attention from young audiences. Children’s atlases are an example of this.

Children’s atlases, ideal tools

Children’s atlases are the perfect tools for adults and children to discover new areas of the world together. Moreover, it’s a good way to help children who don’t really like geography. This is because, without them even realizing it, they’re learning in a totally playful way.

Finally, it’s also a great tool that allows them to discover the world that surrounds them and know all the spaces they can visit without even moving from their couch. We’re sure there’s no better way to arouse their curiosity. Below, we share a selection of the best children’s atlases.

The Best Children's Atlases

The best children’s atlases

My First Atlas of the World by Patricia Geis Conti

The first of the children’s atlases we chose for this selection is recommended for children aged three and up. Although it isn’t as aesthetically attractive as the rest of the books in this list, it’s an ideal book to make children become aware of what surrounds them from an early age, with small doses of information that are adapted to their age.

In a small size that’s perfect for children to handle, they can discover information about different continents in each of the protruding flaps.

City Atlas: Travel the World with 30 City Maps by Georgia Cherry

As the title of this book indicates, you can travel to 30 cities in its pages. This way, children can discover the most famous and emblematic buildings and monuments of each city, as well as the historical characters that emerged from each of them.

The book contains surprising details that can entertain people of any age. This is because it’s recommended for ages 0 to 99. It’s a wonderful book for people who love travel and adventure.

Small children will discover the fantastic and detailed illustrations its pages offer, while older children will be enriched with information and data of each city.

Atlas del mundo (In English: World Atlas) by Daniel and Alexandra Mizieliriska

We indisputably had to include this classic in our list of the best children’s atlases. It includes a tour of 55 maps, which show 46 countries and six continents.

The Best Children's Atlases

The thoroughness of the more than 4,000 miniatures included in its pages has made this world atlas the recipient of several international awards, including the Hans Christian Andersen Award.

In short, it’s a great book for children as they’ll enjoy all the details. In addition, you can even enjoy this book as a family and discover new places together.

Children’s Activity Atlas by Jenny Slater

Children love to discover new things every time they choose a new book. For this reason, this book will encourage their curiosity and improve their concentration. This atlas allows children to discover the world through its 13 maps with hundreds of details.

In addition to these maps and the appropriate information each of them includes, the book includes over 250 stickers. Your child should stick them in the correct places, as they represent flags, monuments, and other elements.

Complementing the above, this fantastic children’s atlas also includes a passport your child can fill out with their information. In conclusion, this book includes details that can help children learn in a simple and playful way.

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