Maisy Mouse, a Funny Children's Book Character

The main character of today's article is sure to make your kids happy. Keep reading to learn all about Maisy Mouse in her books.
Maisy Mouse, a Funny Children's Book Character

Last update: 21 April, 2020

Maisy Mouse is one of the most beloved characters in children’s books. Here, we’ll discover more things about this character. She helps make great family time through her fun and simple stories.

Who is Maisy Mouse?

Maisy Mouse has all the traits for children to make her one of their favorite characters. First, Maisy is an animal, more specifically a mouse. In addition, kids love when animals act like people, and do things that people do.

These two traits best describe Maisy. She’s 4 years old, lives in a colorful house, and her birthday is February 10.

In fact, her books were so popular that they turned her into a TV show in 1999!

Characteristics of the books

The success of this friendly character has led to 54 books that make up this collection. The British author Lucy Cousins wrote this series.

Maisy Mouse, a Funny Children's Book Character

Also, the physical characteristics of the books make them great for young kids. They’re great for children up to five years of age, depending on how well they read. The books are cardboard, and the pages are simple to move and feel. Kids can discover the book, the story and the pictures themselves.

Since they’re short and simple to read, they’re great for little ones to learn, develop and read.

Pictures in Maisy Mouse books

Another feature that stands out in this series is its pictures. Since they’re made for little ones, they’re striking images to help kids develop their imagination. They can also create stories and understand through each of the images.

These drawings have lots of colors, but they’re also simple. Each of the pages aren’t overloaded with pictures. Therefore, kids can identify all of the elements in them. This way, they can also identify the theme of the story, since the pictures always refer to the title.

Themes of Maisy Mouse books

Learning and discovering, these are the two goals of Maisy Mouse books. Each book uses a different and very simple theme for kids to learn and discover new things.

For example, some are about different cultural spaces, like the library or museum. Others are about modes of transportation, like buses or planes. You can also find hobbies, like playing soccer or cooking.

The titles also include some essentials for classroom learning. In fact, kids can learn about counting, colors, animals, the alphabet, or telling time.

Types of formats

Earlier, we said discovering is one of the goals of these books. For this reason, in addition to the cardboard format, there are two other formats that kids will love.

Maisy Mouse, a Funny Children's Book Character

First of all, some of these books have flaps and sliding windows. This way, kids can interact with them to go deeper into the story. Some of the books that have these features are:

  • Where Is Maisy?
  • Maisy Goes to School
  • Where Does Maisy Live?

Also, one of the formats that kids love are pop-up books. These pop up and have shapes that will fascinate little ones. In addition, they can learn everything in much more detail. Some of the books with pop-ups are:

  • Maisy’s Pirate Ship
  • Maisy’s House

Now that you know a little more about Maisy Mouse’s books, don’t hesitate to show them to your kids and have fun together. You can help them love reading in a simple and fun way.

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