Learn to Read with Pictograms

You might not know it, but children can also learn to read with pictograms. It's another way you can help make reading fun for kids.
Learn to Read with Pictograms

Last update: 27 April, 2020

Sometimes, learning to read isn’t easy for kids. If they have special needs, it can be even harder. However, don’t give up on this great activity that helps you relax and have fun. One thing you can do is help your kids learn to read with pictograms.

For all this, we’ll give you a selection of children’s books with pictograms that your little ones will surely enjoy.

What are pictograms?

As its name suggests, pictograms are drawn signs that represent a meaning or an object. Its main objective is to create a message in just one box that anyone, regardless of their language, can understand.

For kids with special needs, it’s a great tool to make it easier to understand, while also expanding their vocabulary.

Through images, mainly children with autism can learn more easily. For them, it’s a simpler way to express their emotions and concerns. Also, pictograms will help these kids predict what will happen next.

Learn to Read with Pictograms

Kalandraka and its specialized collection of pictograms

Kalandraka is one of the publishers specialized in children and youth audiences that consistently puts out new books year after year. Because of this, Kalandraka has created the Makaniños collection with the  Baión Association for Autism Treatment.   

This collection is the first editorial-type project that uses pictograms, along with illustrations. In this way, both little kids that don’t know how to read and those with disabilities can enjoy reading these fantastic stories.

1. Nicholas Cooking Without Fire

One of the main goals with kids with special needs is that they have as much autonomy as possible. Therefore, this book has two essential themes:

As you might have guessed, the subject of this book is on recipes that don’t need fire. In this way, kids will be able to learn how to make their own salads, sandwiches or juices in a fun way.

2. What Does the Moon Taste Like?

This story starring a group of animals is one of the publisher’s best-selling titles.

Also, the moon and animals, two elements that kids love, merge in a fantastic way. Kids can read with pictograms that accompany the pictures, which are illustrations on a black background. That way, it simulates the darkness of night and the light moon.

Learn to Read with Pictograms

3. The Little White Rabbit

The Little White Rabbit received the First National Illustration Award. Also, this cute rabbit is the main character of a popular Portuguese story.

Through a fun word game, the moral of the story teaches readers both young and old: friendship, courage and unity can do anything. In addition, this book is best for children age 3 and up, and they will love the pictograms of humanized animals.

4. The Vain Little Mouse

In fact, there are two classic children’s stories that have made their way into this collection. We’re talking about The Vain Little Mouse and The Ugly Duckling. This way, kids can learn some of the stories that marked their parents’ childhood and enjoy them as a family.

Additionally, they break down barriers that promote social inclusion as equality. They also let everyone enjoy one of the most beautiful activities for children: reading. Through it, they can experience new fantasy worlds and travel farther with every page.

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