Star Wars Books for Movie Buffs

The Star Wars saga doesn’t only consist of films. In this article, discover Star Wars books.
Star Wars Books for Movie Buffs

Last update: 02 May, 2020

Today, we decided to share a selection of specialized Star Wars books for children. A perfect alternative to promote reading in children while they enjoy their hobby! Let’s start, young Jedi!

The first of the Star Wars movies premiered in 1977. Nevertheless, the children and teenagers of this era consider themselves true fans of this saga. This fanaticism exists because the saga is still alive, 42 years later. In fact, the final episode of the nine-part “Skywalker saga” premiered in 2019.

If the force is always with you and you wished you lived in a galaxy far, far away… Congratulations, you’re an unconditional Star Wars fan! As a good fan, in addition to knowing all the movies by heart, everything related to the saga should fall into your hands. That’s why we’ve shared this list of Star Wars books for children. Enjoy!

Star Wars books for children

1. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

As a good movie buff, this is one of the Star Wars books that shouldn’t be missing from your children’s bookshelves. They’ll go wild reading about the more than 220 characters included in its pages.

Beyond the main characters of the galaxy, it also features the entire cast of different and characteristic creatures of the saga. It’ll become your child’s favorite book, as we all know that the weirder creatures are, the more they enjoy them.

Star Wars Books for Movie Buffs

This book is recommended for children nine and up. However, this age can vary depending on each person’s tastes.

2. Star Wars Galactic Maps: An Illustrated Atlas of the Star Wars Universe

The galaxy of the Star Wars saga just had to have its own book, as all the films take place there. In this book, you’ll be able to enjoy the Star Wars heroes, villains, and beasts and, in turn, enjoy deserts such as Tatooine’s or frozen plains such as Hoth’s.

Only a true lover of the saga will know how to enjoy this fantastic book recommended for children ages seven and up. The best part about it is its incredible illustrations!

3. Star Wars: Ship Factory, another of the Star Wars books for children

Spaceships enchant children because they fly over everything. This means of transport, along with the Star Wars theme, is one of the keys that will make this book one of your children’s favorites.

In addition to being an informative book that contains many curious facts that attract the attention of both children and adults, its pages include press-outs to construct the ships. By following the instructions in the book, your children will be able to build the ships with the press-outs!

4. LEGO Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force: Discover the Story of LEGO® Star Wars Galaxy

This is another Star Wars encyclopedia that’s totally different from the previous one. This book is recommended for children ages ten and up. This book’s pages mix the LEGO figures created for Star Wars with images of the film saga.

An essential book for anyone who is a fan of both. The best part is that it also includes a mini-figure of one of the main characters!

Star Wars Books for Movie Buffs

Also, if your children love the mix between LEGO and Star Wars, this collection includes other titles, such as:

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Trilogy
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Dark Side: Uncover the Secrets of the Sith

5. Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

If you love crafts you can do with your family and you’re also a fan of the saga, this is the best Star Wars book for you! It includes 36 different origami (the art of paper folding) projects for you to enjoy as a family. You’ll be able to make different characters, ships, and galaxies with just a few sheets of paper.

6. Star Wars: 5-Minute Star Wars Stories

As the title indicates, this is one of the Star Wars books that includes 11 different five-minute stories. Due to the format of the book, it’s an ideal bedtime book that will make young Padawans dream of visiting the galaxy in their own spaceships.

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