7 Stories to Help Your Child Stop Using Diapers

Trying to stop using diapers is one of the most difficult stages of infancy. That's why any help to be able to achieve it in a simple and fast way is always welcome.
7 Stories to Help Your Child Stop Using Diapers

Last update: 25 February, 2020

To stop using diapers is one of the first really complicated stages that a child will encounter during childhood. Every child is totally different, and so there’s no exact age at which they’ll finally achieve it.

Potty training is closely related to the child’s maturity, and so in no case should a child be forced to ditch their diaper. If you force the issue when a child isn’t ready for it, then this may have serious repercussions on their behavior later on.

During this process, the parents must accompany the child and support them at all times. In addition to this, resources such as songs, cartoons, or books can be used to help the child start this process on their own.

Below, you’ll find a series of stories to help both parents and children in this physical, but also psychological, process, which all families must go through.

Stories to help your child stop using diapers

1. Peek-a-poo – What’s in Your Diaper?

This is one of the simplest stories on the subject of potty training, and it’s also very fun and dynamic. It allows the reader to interact with the story through the lift-up flaps throughout the book.

7 Stories to Help Your Child Stop Using Diapers

The main character of this story is Mouse, who’s very curious and likes to look at what’s inside his friends’ diapers. His friends include a dog, a horse, and a cow…

This book by SM publications shows your child that the process of pooping and talking about feces is totally normal. Children sometimes need to know this so they know they’re just the same as everyone else.

2. The Story of the Little Mole who Knew It Was None of His Business

Another of the best stories to teach a child to stop using diapers is this one which features a mole as the main character. We recommend this story, which also shows the whole subject of “pooping” to be totally normal. It’s also a great fun book for all the family.

The story is about how one day the mole came out of his burrow, and a “brown thing” landed on his head. He was very angry about it, and started asking all the animals he met if it was them. However, they all said no. Will the mole get to find out the truth?

We recommend that you get the pop-up version of the book, because the mole’s movements with the “thing on his head” will have you laughing out loud.

3. I’m Going to the Toilet Alone

This book about how to stop using diapers is aimed at the youngest children. Without a doubt, the highlights of this book are the sounds that are associated with the process of going to the toilet.

If the reader follows all the steps correctly, then at the end of the book there’s a song to celebrate the fact that they’ve completed the process correctly. It’s a motivating book that’s relevant to real life and which has versions for both boys and girls.

4. Everyone Poops! One of the Funniest Diaper Stories

Songs are one of the most widely-used methods to help children retain important things. Edelvives publishers have taken advantage of this and tell the story as if it were a song. The aim here is that the children will be able to apply it to real life.

In addition to this, it uses characters such as Indians, princesses, and witches, who will delight the little ones and make them realize that, as the title says, everybody poops!

5. A Little Look at Bottoms

Without a doubt, A Little Look at Bottoms is a classic story about how to stop using diapers. It has a very simple story, and is published in a hardback format that children can handle by themselves in a simple and practical way.

7 Stories to Help Your Child Stop Using Diapers

6. Lulu’s Loo

Another story that your children will really be able to connect with is about Lulu, a girl who has stopped using diapers and already wears panties. However, sometimes she still has problems “controlling herself.”

This is a fun book with flaps that will allow your child to pull on a toilet paper roll, help them learn to grow up, and many other things.

7. No More Nappies

In No More Nappies, readers meet Millie and Mo – two adorable toddlers who are ready to ditch their nappies and learn how to use the potty.

Follow the ups and downs of their potty training journey brought to life with fun flaps and mechanisms. Each page has really helpful potty-training tips for parents and caretakers, with delightful illustrations from Marion Cocklico. No More Nappies is a brilliant way to introduce potty training in a fun and relatable way.


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