Crafts to Celebrate Father's Day

There's no gift more beautiful for a father than something handmade by his children. Especially when the child made the gift themselves. In this article, we'll suggest a few different ideas for crafted Father's Day gifts. 
Crafts to Celebrate Father's Day

Last update: 18 May, 2021

In America, we celebrate Father’s Day on June 20. As usual, leading up to this day, children make crafts in school that will later serve as a gift for their fathers on that day. There’s no gift more beautiful for a father than something handmade by his child. Especially when the child made the gift themselves and dedicated it to him.

For this reason, we’ll give you a list of craft ideas that children can make in school and at home to celebrate Father’s Day. There will never be enough gifts for our fathers!

Crafts to celebrate Father’s Day

A drawing of the father and his child

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, handmade gifts will delight any father. If we consider that painting and drawing are some of the activities that kids enjoy the most, you can take advantage of the occasion by having the children draw a picture of their father and themselves, or even the whole family.

A drawing can be a good gift.

Although it may seem a very simple gift, it’ll show important aspects of how children see their fathers. Moreover, it’s important for them to develop their artistic expression, imagination, and creativity.

Finger painting

Originality is always present in the gifts that kids make for their fathers on Father’s Day. Hence, this craft will be extremely fun and fathers will see it as a very original gift. To do it, you’ll only need the following materials:

  • A white sheet of paper.
  • Black and white cardboard.
  • Paint.

The child’s palm will represent the father’s face and hair. Thus, the children will dip their hands into finger paints and then portray them on a blank sheet of paper. After that, they’ll mark the silhouette of their hand with a pencil and the help of an elder; this will form the face.

Draw the eyes and a mustache inside the face. This mustache can be drawn on the folio itself or set over the folio with black cardboard to give the craft a more creative effect.

Finally, cut out the white cardboard in the shape of a tie and place it under the hand. You can decorate this tie with the materials or colors that you prefer, according to the father’s tastes.

A photo frame

Photos are always beautiful gifts and will make great memories. Therefore, we’ll show you one of the most original crafts to celebrate Father’s Day; we’re not talking about a conventional photo frame.

For this craft you will need:

  • Cardboard.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Three photographs.

On the cardboard, we’ll draw the word “DAD” in capital letters. After that, we’ll cut out the inner circle of the letter “D” and the triangle of the letter “A”.

That’s the space where we’ll place the photographs that we chose. For this, we advise you to choose photographs with facial close-ups, otherwise, it’ll be difficult to place them in the holes of the letters. This is a simple way to make a beautiful memory made entirely by hand that any father will surely love.

All crafts made by children have originality.

Bookmarks: a classic craft to celebrate Father’s Day

One of the best ways to encourage reading is to create reading-related crafts. Additionally, if the fathers love literature, there will be no better gift for them.

The craft that we propose is no other than a bookmark that the children will create so that their fathers can use it in all the books they read. To do it, you’ll simply need the following materials:

  • A wooden clothespin.
  • Colored cardboard or felt.
  • Glue.

Without a doubt, this is one of the crafts in which children can use lots of creativity and imagination. With the felt or colored cardboard, depending on the material you pick, you’ll create your father.

The physical characteristics will be the ones that prevail in this craft. For example, does he have a mustache? Does he wear glasses? Is his hair blond? The pin will be the face. If you want to conceal the pin, you can create a long tie with the patterns and colors that you like.

Fun is guaranteed with these fantastic crafts to celebrate Father’s Day.

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