8 Creative Ideas for Kids Who Don't Like Crafts

Need to brighten up rainy afternoons with your little ones? Take note of these creative ideas for kids who don't like crafts.
8 Creative Ideas for Kids Who Don't Like Crafts
Samanta Ruiz

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Written by Samanta Ruiz

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Every infant has different abilities and the hands-on approach isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For this reason, today we’re going to offer you a selection of creative ideas for those children who don’t like crafts.

Before we begin to list them, we must emphasize the importance of recognizing what the preferred activities of our children are and give them the opportunity to develop them. And if they’re not precisely crafts, they may have many other interests that are just as valid!

Keep reading and be surprised by all the alternatives that exist to connect with creativity.

Why some children don’t like crafts

Although crafts are very popular activities, not all children are attracted to them. Why? Basically, each child has their own tendency to develop their abilities and skills, as explained by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Therefore, you should know that all intelligences are related to creativity to a greater or lesser extent.

“We should spend less time sorting kids and more time helping them identify their natural competencies and gifts and cultivate them. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to succeed and many, many different skills that will help you get there.”

-Howard Gardner

Creative projects for children who don’t like crafts

Let’s use our imagination and we’ll discover many creative activities that aren’t crafts but also favor the integral development of children. Let’s start!

Children wearing turkey headbands made of construction paper.
Preparing a special dinner in the context of a celebration is a good idea to encourage creativity in children who don’t like crafts.

1. Prepare a themed dinner

This activity requires a lot of creativity and originality, as well as cooking skills. You can suggest a dinner with different themes, such as a table set at the beach, in the countryside, or in the mountains.

In addition to preparing the typical food of each place, you can decorate your house with the characteristic elements of these scenarios.

2. Produce a play at home

Encourage children to write a story and turn it into a real play. Let them also be the actors and dress up in adult costumes.

Set up the living room as a performance hall, shine the lights on an imaginary stage, and let the show begin!

3. Shoot a family video

Today’s kids have the ability to make audiovisual productions with their own electronic devices. So, take advantage of technology to encourage them to develop creative ideas, such as a family, home, or neighborhood video.

4. Create a choreographed dance routine

If your kids like music and movement, dancing is a great activity to develop creativity. Let them choose the kind of music they like and let them unleash their dexterity and rhythm!

5. Replicate an invention

For little ones who prefer science and want to do experiments firsthand, you can challenge them to create their own tools. For example, a homemade telescope, a sundial, or a compass.

Although they’ll have to make a craft, the purpose of the work is a scientific project and the reward will be to see with their own eyes how these devices work.

6. Make a living picture to decorate the living room

Living pictures are a fashionable trend and children can help you make one to place in the living room at home.

The job is to create a decoration with plants, which are placed in plastic mesh attached to a wooden box. And, in turn, this contains the soil and nutrients that the plants need.

To complete the design, you can add a frame to hang it on the wall. Be sure to try this idea!

Two small girls painting on the wall.
If you have to make a very special dedication to a loved one on their day, you can suggest that your children capture their creativity in a mural on the wall.

7. Paint a mural with a special meaning

If you have a child at home who doesn’t like crafts but has great artistic skills, give them a wall to express their emotions and creativity. Make sure the intervention has some meaning, such as a mural to celebrate Father’s Day, a birthday, or a Christmas dinner.

8. Create a photo album

Today, we keep our photos on our digital devices. Therefore, we’ve stopped printing them and filing them in an album. Now is the time to ask the children to create a compilation of the best family moments, and to include their own phrases and drawings to personalize it.

Encourage creativity in kids who don’t like crafts

Believing that all children like the same things reduces ideas and causes you to miss out on the opportunity to learn and accept diversity. This virtue enriches us and enhances our creative mind.

Although it’s true that arts and crafts activate many learning processes and offer several benefits, there are other creative activities that can be developed from other dimensions. For example, music, experiences with nature, or dance.

So don’t worry if your child doesn’t like to work with their hands. Be creative and encourage them to let their artistic side soar with alternative ideas. You’ll see that in no time, your child will find a creative path that they’re passionate about.

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