7 Interactive Cartoon Series for Kids

Interactive cartoon series are excellent entertainment for the little ones in the house, we'll tell you about some of them in today's article.
7 Interactive Cartoon Series for Kids
María José Roldán

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Until just a couple of decades ago, the variety of cartoons available for children was very limited. Many children from the past would get up early to watch those episodes that came out from time to time on television. They even had to wait for a certain date and time to be able to enjoy their favorite characters. Today, that has all changed, as they can choose what to see and when to see it. And in addition, they have a wide range of interactive cartoon series to pick from.

Many of the streaming platforms are specially designed for children, such as YouTube Kids, Netflix, and Dinsey +. Through these, it’s possible to access entire seasons of the different cartoons that your children like the most, from any mobile device and from anywhere. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best interactive cartoon series for kids.

Interactive cartoon series

When we talk about interactive cartoons, we’re referring to those programs in which children actively participate. In fact, some little ones feel that they’re part of them and this motivates them enormously.

Through the different proposals, they can exercise attention and follow the instructions that the characters in their cartoons propose.

There are hundreds of options of this type, which in addition to being entertaining, are very educational. That is why today we’ve made a small selection of the most outstanding ones for you to enjoy as a family.

1. Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse

This series is usually one of the favorites for children and it’s no wonder. Through Disney +, you can access all of the seasons and without commercials.

The episodes consist of a variety of themes and don’t last more than 20 minutes each. In them, the most famous mouse in the world and his friends give the children tests and give them time to answer. They also encourage movement through games and dancing.

2. Dora the Explorer

This is another of the most acclaimed series when it comes to little ones because, in addition to being interactive, it teaches super interesting concepts for them.

In each episode, the little explorer asks her viewers to help her achieve different objectives. Therefore, the girl makes the decisions but allows her young viewers to participate in all her successes.

3. Zoobabu

This interactive cartoon series is ideal because children have to guess the animals that are hidden behind a box.

This cartoon is made entirely in 3D and there are many episodes available to enjoy.

Its dynamics are simple so the smallest member of your household will be delighted. In addition, it’s interactive and is ideal for children up to 10 years old.

4. Calliou

This series isn’t interactive per se, but it’s well known to everyone. Children interact with the character in a more unconscious way, thanks to everything they learn in each episode.

In Calliou, each episode works on the emotions and values necessary to fully develop as people. In general, it’s recommended for children up to 5 years old.

5. Jelly Jamm

As with the previous series, children also interact unconsciously in Jelly Jamm, as it’s a fun musical cartoon to sing and dance to.

It’s an ideal option for boys and girls between 3 and 6 years old, and in each episode, values of companionship, empathy, and responsibility for one’s own actions are taught.

6. Word Party

This series can be found on Netflix and consists of four seasons. The show’s main characters invite children to learn with them and it’s ideal for the beginning of language acquisition. In this program, little ones can work on their vocabulary and learn new words.

It’s ideal for any age, as kids can interact in a fun way: Through games, dances, and catchy songs.

7. Peppa pig

Although it’s not an interactive series in itself, children participate through its dynamism and repetition. With Peppa, it’s possible to work on the different concepts of early childhood learning.

Choose the series that you like the most!

After discovering these 7 interactive cartoon series for children, which one do you think your children will like the most?

They’re sure to have a great time with each one of them! Start watching the one you consider most appropriate, according to the age and interests of your little ones. You won’t be disappointed!

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