4 Activities to Enjoy at Home as a Family

Becuase of the worldwide pandemic caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), entire families have had to find strategies and restructure their daily lives in order to cope with this isolation as well as possible. Today, we'll suggest 4 activities to enjoy at home as a family.
4 Activities to Enjoy at Home as a Family

Last update: 27 May, 2020

The importance of activities to enjoy at home as a family

Given our current circumstances, and even though some family members have to go to work, most of us are at home 24/7. So, this means we need to take responsibility for household tasks while also helping our children with their schoolwork.

What’s more, we can use all this free time to do things we’ve been putting off for a long time. Often, work and family obligations don’t allow us to do things like sort through old clothes, fix furniture, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, etc. But now’s a perfect time!

But keeping the house running, helping kids with homework, and catching up on projects isn’t all we can do. This extended period of free time with fewer obligations means we have more time to rest and have fun. Rest is fundamental, and it’s something we should definitely do when we have time.

But it’s also important to set aside some of our free time for doing things together as a family. We need to spend time doing things that are fun for everyone. And why not learn something new as well?

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 is a serious problem worldwide, and there’s no minimizing that. However, the paradox is that this gives us the opportunity to reunite more families and allow them to spend more time together.

4 Activities to Enjoy at Home as a Family

Doing fun and enjoyable activities is a great way to cope with the situation we’re currently facing. And it’s a good way to give ourselves time to relax and recover lost time with those we love… Time we don’t always have given the chaotic and accelerate life we’re so used to living.

4 activities to enjoy at home as a family

To help you out, we’ll suggest 4 activities to enjoy at home as a family:

Paint mandalas

Painting mandalas is a really fun activity, but what’s more, it’s also very relaxingAll you need are some nice mandalas (you can download and print them from the internet) and a variety of colored pencils or markers. That way, your entire family can sit quietly at the table and spend a few hours painting and combining colors. And, of course, conversing with one another.

Become a family of chefs! Another fun activity to enjoy at home as a family

Whether you’re preparing lunch or dinner, or you feel like baking a cake as an afternoon snack, cooking is an excellent activity for the entire familyEveryone in your family can participate in the choosing or creation of recipes. Then, vote in order to democratically choose which recipe to prepare (sweet or savory). And finally, divide the tasks and get to work!

Exercise and do sports together 

During this time of quarantine, the entire family can establish a specific time within your daily routine for physical activity. The decision to exercise as a family is a great option. Not only will it help compensate for the obvious reduction of activity levels, but it will also help keep your spirits up. Together, you can keep this situation from getting the best of you.

What’ more, on the internet, we can find infinite platforms where fitness and sports professionals and specialists offer classes. You can look for videos and exercise tutorials of all shapes and sizes… aerobics, Zumba, cardio, functional exercises, and weight training, etc. Together with their indications, we can learn how to carry out each exercise correctly.

Time to concentrate

Another interesting option is to suggest an activity where the main objective is learning something new. So, alternatively, each family member can suggest a certain subject or concept that you can read about and research. 

For example, you can learn what “immune system” means, since this is a term we’re hearing so much about right now. What’s more, you can investigate how to boost your defenses.

This is also a great time to start learning a new language. Or, you can take advantage of this quarantine period to learn about world geography… learn the capital cities of the world… study important monuments that are an important part of each country’s heritage… look up information on our national parks, etc. The possibilities are endless!

4 Activities to Enjoy at Home as a Family

One last activity to enjoy at home as a family: Scattergories

While we said from the beginning that we were going to share just 4 activities to enjoy at home as a family, we’ve got one more.

Scattergories is not only a super fun game but also a great way to learn about culture in general… Geography, film, grammar, animals, plants, and more. You can also sharpen your memory and mental agility. Not only will you learn new vocabulary, but you’ll also remember forgotten concepts and learn from one another.

Even if you don’t have this game on hand at home, all you need is a pencil and paper for each family member. On their sheet of paper, each player needs to create a grid. Above each column, you’ll write down categories that you’ve chosen together as a family. For example, you can have a column for names, one for countries, one for cities, fruits, vegetable, movies, etc.

Then, choose a letter at random and write it to the left of the first row of your grid, and let the game begin! Players must race to think of a word for each category that starts with the chosen letter. The first player to complete the challenge calls out “stop” and wins the round. Each player adds up their points (1 point for each answer, 1/2 point for shared answers), and then the game continues with a new letter.

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