12 Apps for Children to Learn Coding

Although it may seem early, children who show an interest in computer science and mathematics from an early age can learn coding with the help of mobile applications. We'll share our favorites!
12 Apps for Children to Learn Coding
Pedro González Núñez

Reviewed and approved by the child educator Pedro González Núñez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

As adults, we might think that certain activities or hobbies aren’t appropriate for children. For example, those that involve computers and technological devices, as many parents keep their children away from these until they reach a certain age. However, some infants are so precocious that they may show interest in some of the apps for children to learn coding.

Is there such a thing? Yes, and some of them are so interesting that they help parents and children enjoy a different approach to computer science.

That’s why many app developers have launched attractive software with very visual and simple interfaces, which facilitate children’s first steps into the world of programming.

Who knows? Maybe you have a brilliant computer scientist at home. Don’t forget that this is one of the most promising professions at this time.

Discover these apps for children to learn coding

There are a large number of apps for children to learn coding. In reality, most of them become like a game for little ones, although in the end, they provide them with a very significant learning experience. Check them out!

1- The Foos

This application helps children learn coding in the form of puzzle games. The child has to overcome 40 levels and apply logic and algorithms as if they were interactive adventures.

2- Scratch Jr

A fun app based on the programming language known as scratch. It’s very popular among children and is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface.

Four children sitting at a table looking at a laptop.

3- Hopscotch

This app allows children to design games and animations using code blocks. The child has to organize these structures so that the program commands are executed.

4- Kodable

With this app, and always through play, the child learns basic programming terminology with the help of a character called BlueFuzz, who acts as a guide and animator.

5- Daisy, The Dinosaur

It sounds ironic, but yes, in this application, it’s a dinosaur that introduces children to the concept of block coding. You have to follow the commands to learn what this task consists of.

6- Bit by bit

This application works through very simple mechanics: It allows children to solve puzzles and advance levels by taking bits of different colors to their destination.

7- Smartick

This is an app ready for little ones to improve their knowledge of programming and other very interesting academic learning.

8- LEGO Mindstorms Fix the factory

Yes, LEGO has also joined the world of children’s programming. In this case, the application helps children to complete their goals and overcome obstacles by means of a robot.

It’s a very valuable resource for children to optimize their logical thinking and spatial intelligence skills.

9- Lightbot

This is an engaging and fun game, which poses the mission of illuminating some floor tiles through the use of specific programming commands. Through the creation of different strategies, children can follow sequences of instructions, in addition to using the trial and error system.

10- Mimo

It allows children to learn coding through the creation of websites and apps that turn the child into a developer. Its learning experience simulates a game, which is why it allows such an effective development in programming training.

11. SoloLearn

This application offers a large library where you can find everything necessary for the child to learn coding, from the first steps of a beginner to a professional level.

12- Programming Hub

A toddler sitting on an old computer with a thought bubble over his head with a robot in it.

This app offers very high-quality content and an interactive format that facilitates visual learning. It’s supported by illustrations so that the child understands coding as something fun.

Early learning of coding is very useful

All of these apps for children to learn coding are an interesting approach to computer language, which has a great future.

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